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[7X7 EXPERIENCE] [RATINGS] ♪ upbeat music playing ♪ >>While the rider can't rate you until after the trip is over, many riders are already thinking about how to rate you before you even pick them up. Let's talk about how the rating system works and why it's so powerful. At Uber, both drivers and riders receive a star rating at the end of each trip. That mutual rating system means that everyone is accountable for their own behavior. We know how frustrating and disappointing it can be to see your star rating go down. But we've learned that we can influence our ratings positively with consistently professional behavior. There are many parts of our lives we can't control, like traffic, weather, or GPS. But we can absolutely control our appearance and attitude. And those are the elements that make up professionalism. We'll go into detail on how you can use your appearance and attitude to maintain a high star rating in the following videos.   The partner app has a section entirely about your ratings. The star rating is based on ratings that riders have given you. That rating is an average of all your rated trips until you reach 500 rated trips. After 500 trips, your star rating is an average of only the most recent 500 rated trips.   It's really important that it's only the last 500 trips, because that means if I get a bad rating today, I just need to keep driving to get better ratings. Once I've driven 500 additional rated trips, that bad rating is no longer a part of my overall rating. Rating is optional for riders and if they never rate you it isn't part of your star rating at all. Cancelled or unaccepted trip requests don't count either. On the ratings screen, you can also see how close you are to earning rewards, feedback from the riders, and pro tips like how surge works. [RATINGS] [REVIEW] [Influence your star rating with consistent positive behavior.] [We can control our appearance and attitude] ♪ upbeat music playing ♪

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