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Outstanding speech of Imam Mahdi Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi 6 of 9

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We're feeling shame, what questions we should ask you? Assalam - o – Alaikum we are going”. They are those people. First of all this personal name was given to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). First of all it was granted to Prophet Muhammad PBUH, none other Prophet was granted. After prophet Muhammad (PBUH) it was granted to nine of the Companions. Chishti, Nakashbandi, Qadri, and Seherwardi etc, there were nine such orders like this; it was granted to them. From them it was then granted to twelve Imams, who were called Gaus of that time. Then by taking it from twelve Imams, it was then given to Gaus Pak (Sheikh Abdual Qadir Jilani) thus he (Sheikh Abdual Qadir Jilani) was called Gaus Azam. At present the personal name (Ism-e-zaat) is with Gaus Pak (Sheikh Abdual Qadir Jilani). Now howsoever Ism-e-zaat may enter within you, either it’s by any Sheikh or through dream you enter into the disciples (Murid) of Gaus pak (Sheikh Abdual Qadir Jilani). Those people who received Ism-e-zaat in his (Gaus Pak) time they were his real disciples, after his time through whichever way if one receive Ism-e-zaat enters into his disciple, that very person enter into his disciple. That is why Gaus Pak said “O my disciple! my approach is very high, my power is great He said seventy times I have taken the oath from God that my disciple will not die without faith. Be fearless, be fearless you will not go (die) without faith”. Then he said, “Who is my disciple? My disciple will only be that very person who will chant the name of Allah”. He said in, “Behishat Alsarar” the one who will do the zikr he will be my disciple, I only consider him the zakir (one chants the name of Allah) who's heart chants Allah-Allah, otherwise orally a parrot can chant Allah Allah as well”. If a parrot chants Allah-Allah, will he becomes the disciple of Gaus Pak (Sheikh Abdual Qadir Jilani)? On the other hand Almighty Allah has said by Himself that “at the time of death, the one who will have kalmia on his tongue he will get into paradise without accountability”. People say that “we will recite the Kalima/Shahadah, we know it”. But they don’t know this that your tongue will stop before you die. There the condition is that while reciting the Kalima one should be dying (simultaneously). We hear one out of thousands, reciting the Kalima while he was dying. There has been a holy personality named Hazrat Imam Razi. He used to recite the Kalima so much, that even while sleeping his tongue continues to recite kalima, but when he used to talk, the tongue gets busy there. The hour of death came, Satan thought that he will pass away by reciting Kalima there will be no accountability, although he is paradisaical, but let’s embroil him so that the accountability may took place. Thus he (Satan) went and asked (from Imam Razi), “Tell me why you believed God?” He (Imam Razi) gave him a reason, (Satan rejected and said) no it’s wrong. He gave (Imam Razi) 99 reasons. The purpose of Satan was that he may pass away while giving reasons. On the other hand Hazrat Najam Kubra was watching. Once Hazrat Imam Razi went into his gathering but he did not like something in the gathering of Hazrat Najam, thus he did not go afterwards. Now he (Hazarat Najam) thought that he (Hazrat Imam Razi) came for once in my gathering so looking at that I must do something, so he took a little water and threw it upon his face and said, “O witless; say that I accepted God without any reason, recite Kalima”. Then he recited the Kalima and the soul ascended. He recited the Kalima thrice and the soul ascended. Satan hasn’t even spared those people, then how an ordinary person can say. Then how Gaus pak claimed that my disciple will not die without faith. The control of Satan can be on tongue; this tongue belongs to this Nasoot (world). Satan cannot control the heart, this heart belongs to Malkoot (first realm), and Satan is not allowed to interpose there. Once you will be granted permission to chant Allah from Malkoot, then Satan will become helpless. That time you were even dying and were also doing Allah-Allah, even-though you died, and for one & half second kept on doing Allah-Allah. There it is said about the tongue! The tongue of the heart is 70 times superior to this (tongue). Now how will they go without accountability? Munkir-Nakir (name of angles who comes in grave) has left him and gone. Then another angel will come, his name is Aaman. He has to bring that soul up according to that whatever is written. Munkir-Nakir has to write upon his shroud that either he has passed or failed. Now when it is seen that nothing is written there at all, then he (Aman) uses take out the soul, it is shining with the noor/light of Allah. It is then taken to Rizwan (name of the angle at the gate of heaven). He (Aaman) asks to let it enter into the paradise and he (Rizwan) replies to present its account, he (Aaman) says that this very shining & glistening is its account & accountability. In this way it enters into the paradise without accountability. When you go to sleep at night, imagine your finger as a pen, (with imagination) while writing Allah-Allah on your heart, fell asleep. The slumber should befall upon you while doing this Because whatever the intention is at the time of sleeping happens same in the dream. Slept while chanting 'Allah-Hu', and continued this Allah-Hu in dreams. When you get up in the morning, don't worry whether you have the ablution or not. The ablution of heart is not performed with water. Even-though you are in the water for the whole day, the water is not going to enter into the heart, so then how the ablution will be performed? When that noor/light will be produced the heart, it will wash the heart, it’s called the blissful ablution. While going for the work or to office keep on doing secret commemoration (Dhikr-e-khafi). Until and unless it is synchronized with the heart beats that is called secret commemoration (Dhikr-e-khafi). Once heart beats starts calling out Allah-Allah, that is called meditation of heart (Dhikr-e-Qalbi). This is your step in Tareeqat (mysticism). Tareeqat (mysticism) is related with heart. Then once the vehicle proceeds from here by chanting Allah-Allah, when it is reaches to Allah, then that is called Haqeeqat (Reality). Reality (Haqeeqat) is associated with sight. Thereafter once Allah bestows him with something that is Mua’rifat. All of these four are different from each other. Now here it is that!................. You are also Alim (scholars), you will dislike about what I will say. Believe it! You people have stopped us, from the path the Allah. You people say that Tareeqat is also in Shariah, Haqeeqat is also in Shariah, Mua’rifat is also in Shariah. Thus, haven't you stopped us in Shariah in this manner! We went to Norway, there is signboard bearing that “there is 'no world' beyond this point”. If there would be any adventurer (explorer) of the world, he will stop by approaching there. He will say "there is no world beyond this point, then what can I do". When you said that there is nothing beyond Shariah then if someone who is seeker of Allah will be trapped in the Shariah and people are even trapped. You should say it that tongue also chants Allah-Allah, the heart also chants Allah-Allah and the eyes also see Allah. Why don’t say this? Now I give you a second example. You are Hanifi (Following the school of thought of Imam Abu Hanifa); mostly people in Pakistan are Hanifi. Hanifi teaches the whole of shariah (law), makes a person to also become a Hafiz. Hanifi teaches all the knowledge of Quran & Hadith as well. Why then there are Qadri or Chishti? Dear! The prayers are similar. Why then they are Qadri or Chishti? You are a Hanifi. Hanifi has taught Allah Allah to your tongue, once you have become Qadri then they taught Allah-Allah to your hearts. In old times, when somebody used to come and say that “I am a Naqshbandi” people used to stand up because there must be word 'Allah' embossed upon his heart. That person is called Naqashbandi. People used to stand up with respect. Now a day if you say that I am a Naqshbandi, I am Chishti also, I am Qadri also and Seherwardi also nobody stands up because they know that he is empty from inside. This is Tareeqat which is related to heart and for this very Tareeqat you say that there is no asceticism in Islam. This is what you say isn't it? Stay in cities and eat Pudding and parathas (flat-bread). Why then your ancestors went into the jungles, were they not Muslims? They went to purify their nafs (self) and when their nafs were purified, they came back by becoming source of guidance for you. That is why this Holy Ramadan is for you nafs that you may do correction of your nafs and if it does not happen in twenty days then sit in Itikaf (seclusion in the Mosque) for ten more days. This is for the betterment of your Nafs (Self).

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Posted by: theallfaith on Apr 25, 2010 His Holiness Sayyedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi delivering speech to public in Wah Cantt. Please listen to this speech carefully and repeatedly, it will open it's secrets upon you.

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