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Free your mind: Return to the African Source pt 1

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What is so great about Egypt that white scientists, scholars etc.. wanted to make it a European country? Because, Egypt is the oldest and the most highly developed technical civilization in the history of humanity. From which flowed the civilizations thorought the rest of the world. We're talking mathematics, astronomy, we're talking.. chemistry, chemistry for example is named after Kemet. it comes from Kem. we're talking religion, philosophy, all genre of literature. Such as, the Epic Play, The Poem Everything in art and science. Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry, Music, what have you. This is Pharaoh... Senusret I, the Greeks changed his name to Sesostris I. The reason I say he is important in this middle kingdom. This is the man who according to European legend, was the founder of Athens. And then here's..Amenemhat III Q: This is your Egyptian king? A: This is an Egyptian King, Pharaoh Amenemhat III again (can you show the other one?) (Yes, we'll go back) This is an Egyptian King. These statues, these images, maybe we should say that these are not drawings recently done. No, these are carvings which were done This would have been done 2000 years before Christ. Ok now, these carvings were around all along. They've been here. Q: Why was it that you had European images when the Egyptian story was put on the screen? Well, again, you have to remember what's happening. If you look at Egyptology and Hollywood, Europeans have claimed African history for themselves. And so you'll get Yul Brynner and Charlton Heston portraying Egyptians. You'll get Vivien Leigh, and other European actors and actresses. So after a while, the public begins to believe this is what they really looked like. We had these images that we could look at, and we could get people who look like them. But, they did not. Hello, I'm Listervelt Middleton. We are very glad to have you with us. At the beginning of this century, Dr. W.E.B. DuBois predicted that the problem of the 20th Century, is the problem of the color line. And color, the glorification of one, and denigration of another or others, continues to play a dominant role in determining how power is distributed. But what are the tools that have been used, and are being used to maintain black/white power relationships? And how are words and images being used to control thought and action Among people of African descent in USA, and around the globe? When and How does an African become a Negro? How was the myth of White Superiority created in the modern world? And how was it projected back in time? So called, 'Western Education' for black children.... poison or medicine? The origins of humanity. The beginnings of civilization. Royal African images in ancient Egypt. And Africa's gift to Europe. Just some of the topics we'll explore with Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III. The Fuller E. Callaway Professor of Urban Education at Georgia State University. Dr. Hilliard is the former Dean of the school of Education at San Francisco State University. A highly respected Educational Psychologist. Dr. Hilliard was involved with the court case that outlawed I.Q. testing for black children in California. Dr. Hilliard recovered, with Julian Richardson, George G.M. James's seminole work, ''Stolen Legacy: The African Origin of Greek Philosophy.'' Dr. Hilliard, What does it mean to be black in America from a Psycho-Historical perspective? It is important for blacks in America to know history. That history includes the history of enslavement in Africa, of Colonization, later of Segregation in USA. My own studies as a psychologist of the uses of history have shown that that this enslavement had more than one part to it. There was a physical enslavement. But the only way physical enslavement would work, is that the mind also had to be enslaved. And there were a series of processes that I call 'The Dynamics of Domination.' These processes go something like this: That in order for one group of people, in this case Europeans, to control an African population, it was necessary first to erase African memory. Secondly, to suppress the practice of African culture. Third, to teach White Supremacy. Fourth, to control the institution of socialization. To prevent African people from educating their own children, from sending their own messages and so forth through media and what have you. The control of wealth. And finally, physical segregation. These are the historical activities that Europeans engaged in in order to conquer the continent, enslave people, to practice segregation. And of course, if you look closely at that list, you'll notice that the first few things on the list are really psychological. For example: To destroy memory. To suppress or erase memory is a psychological operation. Which disables anyone as an individual, an individual who has no memory. Q: When you say memory, are you talking about personal memory or what? A: I mean the memory of one's group history in particular. Personal memory would be important if we were talking about your own psychological, individual adaptation. But, you can use the same thinking to apply to a group. When a group loses its historical memory, it is disabled as a result. So these were some of the very calculated and conscious tactics that were applied That resulted in the disabling of the African population. So: History, Identity, the teaching of the belief in White Supremacy. Each of these is a psychological process that was practiced and we need to understand that. In part, by going back and examining the historical record. And having understood it, it's possible to gain control over those things that control us. Q: What do you mean by De-Africanization, and how did that process work? A: Of course that leads right out of what we were just talking about. That the erasing of memory, the teaching of White Supremacy and so forth, Can place an African population in a position where it begins to reject its own image of itself, Its own memory of itself, its own history. Becomes less African in conscious behavior, Although it's very hard to become, if you are truly of African origin, its very hard for that behavior to disappear. But it's easier for the consciousness of that behavior to disappear. So over a period of time, figure the centuries that African populations have been in America. It's possible that the population...

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Asa Hilliard teaching world history

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