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Terry Mason Bootroom Part2

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So this time slightly different set up because we're going to start in position off of the ball that I've got here, as if the opposition have got the ball. OK, so if you're in this goal here you might be in a bit of a crossing position If you're in that goal there it might be a bit of a through ball stroke a shot position. I'm going to clip the ball into your hands, I know you're good enough to catch it. If you want to bring it down into your chest, you can do as well. It's up to you. So I'll play the ball into you and you're going to catch it, right. You're then going to throw the ball to the opposite keeper then the game plays live. Let's go, throw it. Good, yeah I like it, play on, Can you finish? Can you finish? No you can just score straight away. Play on. Oh excellent, good. Go on then, play on, three seconds. Good, play on. OK. You had it covered Mickey didn't you. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] So we're just looking again at just the DNA fundamentals really, just looking for them to counterattack whenever they can. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] So boys, just have the ball there, just play it across to Char. So you two, you're in position here aren't you, as the balls played across, what are you going to do? You're going to shuffle across aren't you and just cover that nearside of the goal. Now you can shoot at these two. Now you can shoot back at Sam as well. OK, try and catch Sam out. Yes. Play. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] So for me whether it's 1v1 shot, stopping reaction saves. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] Yeah. Play with that ball. I'm always trying to touch on our real basic fundamentals which is as I said there, our passing and receiving, our support angles and also we're really big on the DNA, the counterattack and stuff as well. Can they receive it and first thought is to keep possession and get us on the counter. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] Yes. Don't worry too much. Just maybe a touch, touch too high, yeah as he goes shape to shoot, it's a great strike, to be fair just hang back a touch and you can recover and tip that one over, can't you. So we'll add that rule in guys, if I clip it to you and you receive the ball with your feet, you can play with your feet. If you receive the ball with your hands, you can play with different techniques. What have you got? Nice. 3, 2. What a fantastic save. That's wonderful goal keeping. Yeah last couple. Good play. It's a great finish. Great effort. No chance. That's a really good effort, this time next year you'll save that one. Let's go. And hold it there, well done. OK boys, have a little jog over. Talk to us. [PLAYER:] When Sam had a shot, I slowed down and blocked it. Slowed down and blocked it, was that the save towards the end there? [PLAYER:] Yeah. Yeah, that was excellent wasn't it. Very, very good. [PLAYER:] I was forward, so I kept my body forward. Keep your body forward OK, what happens boys if the striker is about to hit it and you lean back, what happens? [PLAYER:] They've got better chance on goal and you're not stable. You're not stable are you, you're falling back and you're hoping the ball hits you, rather than be forward and you're actually making a movement towards the ball. Also, if he goes to play it round you, if your backwards it's very hard to then go and smother the ball and take possession back. Sorry I can only talk with ball. That's harsh boys that, very harsh. Who hasn't spoken then? What did you do well? [PLAYER:] At the end, I think I made an effort to try and get there. What on that shot at the end? Yeah, brilliant effort wasn't it. [PLAYER:] We're playing in midsize goals [COACH:] Exactly you two were fantastic on that, considering you normally play in smaller goals. Brilliant we'll finish with you, since you made some fantastic saves. [PLAYER:] I think on the 1v1's especially on that last one, I was leaning back. OK, yeah you were leaning back a touch weren't you, so if you attack it a little bit more, might go round the post. Boys, absolute pleasure working with you. Right, well listened and your execution and your performance was very, very good.

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