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Hi, I'm Tarana. I'm from Guelph and I'm in my third year. I was really pumped to start my journey here at the University of Guelph. I met some really awesome people through choir and I had a part time job, so I got to know all these great people and I made connections, but I felt like I was missing out a little bit. People were in residence and I was off campus and I felt that I didn't make those same social connections and bonds that they'd made. I kept hearing that residence is where you meet all your friends. I found that really difficult. It seemed like everyone was kind of making friends, especially through res. They had these people 24/7 and I didn't. That was uncomfortable. It did put me in a spot where I kind of lost a little bit of confidence. I was really discouraged by the fact that I didn't have somebody that I could truly like identify with that I saw other people having. The month's kind of kept rolling and then I had somebody that I met during my lectures and we kind of just started talking in the morning and it was nice because it was an 8:30 morning class and we just kind of kept each other awake. We started hanging out a little bit more and sharing interests, and this ended up turning into a really really great friendship, but it took month's, like it took a whole year for it to get anywhere, and it was kind of the last place that I had expected to find anyone because everybody was like yeah, you'll make friends is res and you'll make friends in clubs, and this is a friend that I met in lectures. That was the last place I would have looked. Sitting with the uncomfortableness of knowing that other people were having a great time with their friends and I wasn't necessarily, that was difficult, but I knew that my time would come. If I could go back to my first year self, I would tell myself it's okay, there will be thorns and you'll get through it.

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