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Disney Big Hero 6 XPRIZE Challenge Winners: Interactive Windshields

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[Carolyn] How many of you have had to deal with this situation? You're driving along at dusk, and you turn onto a street facing west. Ahh! The sun! With no way to block the glare of the sun, bad things are bound to happen. [car crashing] Car companies have tried to solve this problem in the past by darkening a certain area of the windshield. But with no way to remove this darkened portion, all it does is limit the field of view, especially at night, or when it's cloudy or raining, when it just gets in the way. I propose it's time that we redesign our windshields to solve this overlooked issue. Our new windshields would be made of a see-through screen with pixels that could only be two colors: the default clear or ultraviolet-blocking black. Using light sensors at each corner of the windshield, it would triangulate the position of the sun. It would also use the position of the driver and passenger seats, the headrest used as an indicator of the occupant's eye level, and use the previous data of the sun's position and observed size, and allowing for a margin of error in the X-axis for leaning and looking over shoulders or at rear view mirrors, black out a portion of the windshield, effectively blocking the glaring sunlight. But this leaves for a large margin of error. Say the sun is partially blocked by a cloud or building, or the driver's eyes sit above or below the average eye level, or they don't have the seat properly adjusted. Adding an array of controls to adjust the size, transparency, and position of the blocked-out area would account for this margin of error, and allow for calibration to improve individual experience. Windshields that use ultraviolet light sensors to block sunlight is only a small portion of what this kind of technology could do. With further advances in touchscreen and display capabilities, as well as breakthroughs in material technology and computer programming, we could revolutionize the way we drive. [♪ music ♪]

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Getting the sun in your eyes can be annoying, painful, and--if driving--dangerous. How can we redesign our windshields to solve this issue?

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