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What is the Significance of the Sacred Thread Ceremony? Sadhguru

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see, in ancient times when people were in a certain level of understanding and experience somebody created a tool a cotton thread with certain substances, can be energised in a very powerful way I shouldn't be talking about these things but see, now I got a little thread on my this thing this is in many ways, keeps me alive physically alive because I'm still subsisting on some other people, after the consecration you should have seen me, in about eight months maximum of eight months I aged about twenty five years during the consecration process, certain period of consecration about eight months time people just saw me like I'm aging like so extremely fast I became from a very vibrant young person I just became an old person absolutely totally weak and shaky in eight months time my hair grayed completely, my whole body changed, everything happened everybody knew I am going to die shortly, they knew because I told them, I had prepared them for this you know this is how much I am going to live beyond that it will not be there so I used my body, my energy body recklessly because within a certain time, I had to do this so we used the body so recklessly that, the aging process happened like that then because of so many things and so many people are so deeply involved with this and half way people are there so we thought we will do something about the body and we started doing this and these are you shouldn't believe all this nonsense that I am talking ok? don't disbelieve just see somebody's talking so much nonsense let me see, start digging deeper into yourself and see if such things are possible? my pranic body, my energy body became so insipid and weak see death means just this, please understand if somebody dies of injury ,disease something else it's different,when somebody dies of old age what is happening is your energy body is slowly losing its vibrance it becomes less and less and less vibrant it becomes the vibrance becomes so low now, it can't hold on to the body anymore it loses grip on the body and the person just goes that's all thats happened that's what death is the vibrance of the energy body is charged with certain things, there are so many factors which makes it as vibrant as it is now with your pranayam, you are trying to make your energy body very vibrant so for it to loose vibrance, it may take longer, this is how we're saying it'll enhance your life span because it makes the pranic body vibrant so dying of old age means the energy body has lost its vibrance to such an extent that it can't stick to the body anymore, it has to be separated so my energy body became so weak and so without vibrance and staying on with the body became a problem, everything aching and my muscles simply tearing, if I just do like this, this muscle will tear if I do like this my muscle will tear, people who were around me were witness to this anywhere and everything, if I sit down, one muscle will tear, if I stand up one muscle will tear, you know today in the last two-and-a-half years, slowly I am recovering, I'm still not hundred percent this recovery to happen, some people have really given their lives in many ways you know the pranic nadis have been tied outside, it's just like tying a guy wire to a building suppose the building is shaky its going to fall down now you tie a cable to something else which is more stable so like that the nadis have been tied to certain people who are very stable and there it's almost like they're literally willing to offer their lives they are that kind of people so tying up knots here and there, slowly slowly slowly I'm improving my body gradually, it's much much better today otherwise sometimes the doctors checked up my blood and other things, my blood work is so crazy they couldn't believe, all kinds of weird diseases my blood is showing united states they checked my blood they can't believe, everytime they take it it is showing up all kinds of weird diseases, they say it is impossible that you can have so many things and still be going about and doing things and now all those things have disappeared and body is much more stable and looking healthy and better now so this thread is a simple means to tie yourself up to somebody's nadis without the thread also it can be done thread is an assistance that you know, it can be done in a certain way so cotton thread can be used in certain ways making certain processes happen it can become a very powerful means so your janivaram, what do you call this? okay what do you call it in hindi or marathi whatever, the thread, the sacred thread this started like this when people were in that level of awareness and experience they started like this the guru energizes the thread and puts it on you which changes the very quality of your life

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 16, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru the significance of the sacred thread ceremony. Sadhguru explains that in ancient times this was a tool created using a cotton thread and other substances that was able to be energized in a very powerful way. (SaO59)

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