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The states of matter

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The state of matter in which we can find the substances can be solid, liquid or gaseous depending on the pressure and the temperature Perhaps water is the best example to understand clearly what occurs and how those states of materials begin to produce Imagine we are in a laboratory in which the atmospheric pressure remains constant The temperature of this room is 50ºC below zero Fifty degrees below zero! In these conditions the water is solid We say that it is frozen. It is ice. Let's rise the temperature of the room to melt the water that forms this block of ice. The room temperature is now 1ºC The block has already began to melt but, what a moment ago was ice and is now changin to liquid is still at no degree centigrade In fact, the whole sample of water and ice remains no degree centigrade until the whole block's melted Only then can the temperature of the water begin to rise above no degree centigrade and reach room temperature The fact the water freezes below no degree centigrade and liquifies above no degree centigrade indiquates that no degree centigrade is a temperature at which there is a change of state in water The change of state temperature is called the freezing or melting point The other temperature pure water is the boiling point at 100ºC liquid water becomes gaz or, in other words, water vapour and everything occurs in the same way as the melting ice the water does not start to boil until all the liquid mass reaches 100ºC Later on we will see the differences between evaporation and boiling For now we will just check that these processes are reversible If, instead of rising the temperature we cool it the material sample will go back to its previous state every time we reach the change of sate temperature

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State changes in water

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