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Most Vulnerable Staff

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Most Vulnerable Staff If I were to ask you which group of people on staff are the most vulnerable to disappointment, to lower morale, and to working for other churches. Your executive team or whatever you call them... These people who sit around the table with you that you have invited into that circle, if you chose them right, they would have the highest morale, the highest level of loyalty. They are not going anywhere. Just around them... senior leaders who you have not invited into that circle but are really good, vested and important to the future of your church. Everyone in that circle is really vulnerable to discouragement, lack of morale. Eventually you learn there are some people who miss being in this circle so much they would rather be in a lower-functioning church with a pastor they do not like as well but in this circle than to spend two more years in this circle because in being in this circle and not being in this circle 'beats' them up every day. They do not talk to you about it. They do not come to you and say, "Hey, I want to be..." Some people do, not many. They have more social skills than that. There are many people who would say, "I am as good as that guy and he is in your circle." Then they know the size of circle matters and so on. A couple of years ago I had watched this most of my leadership career. I said to our executive team, "We are going to identify who are the top 20 most influential seasoned senior staff who are not in our circle." We need to look at the size of our staff, maybe 20. If you had 3 in your executive team, 40 on staff, you may look at the top 8 or 6 who are not in our circle but in the next circle. We identified them. It took us many meetings to agree who those people were. We gained agreement on all of them. Here is what we did. Sounds like a simple fix but it has been an amazing fix actually. We call all of these people Leadership Team. This is the Executive Team. These people are the Leadership Team. Executive Team meet in my office for two hours over a meal then we go into hard agenda executive level work that all of you do all the time. This is the senior most staff. When we are done with that meeting, we walk down the hall into the board room where the Leadership Team is gathered. We have an extension of that meeting with them every week. You think, "That is horrible. What a waste of time." It is one of the smartest wastes of time we have ever invoked on ourselves. Because all of the new information that happened here goes into the mix of conversation with all of these key people within minutes of when we had the conversation. All of these people who affect the rest of the organization say when they leave this meeting, "I got to be in a meeting with Bill." I am in a meeting with Bill and the executive team every week. I hear about things when they are so hot off the press, the ink isn't dry. I get to speak into decisions that these people are thinking about making before they make them. We rarely lose anyone around this circle anymore. In previous decades of my leadership, I would meet with these people once a quarter. I have flashbacks of walking into these rooms and I am proud that I made time to meet with people at this level at the organization. I would sit down and they are mad. They are not happy to be in that room. I thought, "Why would you be mad? You have the delightful opportunity to be in my presence." They thought, "If you valued us, you would not meet with us quarterly. If you valued us, you would ask us our opinions more than four times a year. If you valued us..." They could not get over the fact that they are as vested, as bought into the vision, working as hard as these people who get to be in the real action and they are only in the action quarterly. I ask you to define who these people are. But this next ring of people, define who they are and meet... You do not have to do what we do. I want to have a meeting with them every single week.

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Posted by: landsm on Jul 29, 2014


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