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Didáctica de la Producción Textual

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Good evening, my last name is Sandra Orduz I graduated in Basic Education Today we will talk about the Teaching of textual production process Writing is the ability to produce text consistently and to communicate something through different kinds of texts such as letters, stories, novels, journalistic publications including But to be able to write coherent mind the student requires the acquisition of higher skills that are cognitive It should likewise make a type of text planning which shall have adequate records and be well presented Additional to this is also important that the student is motivated towards the development of the text, ie it should be noted if this has a positive or negative attitude when writing a text or produce Furthermore it is necessary to acquire literacy indispensable for writing a text such as the topic, theme, text types and estructu the characteristics of the audience to whom the text is addressed the linguistic and grammatical correctness as cohesion and coherence, the characteristics of communicative context as the adequacy and strategies for entering text and self-regulation process The three stages of the production process of text At first children express freely and the teacher must respect the commitment emotional set with his thesis, avoiding spelling or syntax corrections interrupting the creative process In a second step the teacher supports students to revise his text analyzing and systematizing individually and collectively formal aspects of his writing, finally and a third time: children rewrite their texts in a higher level of competition and the teacher encourages and reflects on the learning achieved The third time is more meaningfu when students know that their texts

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Posted by: sandra.orduz on Mar 15, 2013

Producción Textual

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