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Yo Soy Betty La Fea Cap 28 HD

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Whats going on? You look tense. it´s just that the atmosphere over here is a bit weird, no? I better leave because Hugo didnt come... wait wait... but dont be sad... you know that he is engaged with Rolando no? Look, Miguel... Let me explain something to you Hugo how are you? So furious! Dont worry I have the solution to your problems, there is an absolutely gorgeous guy over there on the bar behind us turn around to look at him What is this tyrant doing here?! Who let him enter? Hugo, Please, look, calm down I need to talk to you - ay Armando this is not ecomoda this is MY territory dont make me tell my strong waiter to kick you ou Sammy please prepare me a little strawberry and lemons cocktail Hugo please look, we need to fix everything between us! Tomorrow Im leaving on a trip and we can´t end things badly, understand me please! nonono, you understand ME, understand I dont want to see you, moreover, I cant see you, where are you this guy, seriously... you know what, Ill go to the toilet... when I come back I dont want to see you here... Well you will have to see me Hugo Ay! Werent you so happy I quit? Didnt you make me swear in front of everyone you would never see me again? What happened, Armando? Are you posessed by cuscus?(fear) or are you already missing me? HUGO! -Quee? I NEED YOU! Aww! this has turned BOMBI!(interesting) HUGO! HUugo! Open the door damn it! Leave, fly, you flew out! Sir, calm down or I will have to take you out behave well and not like a degenerate and remember Im the strong one here! let them be man, they are just fighting but you know its nothing Ill see! *whispers* such machos, sure... Hugo, hugo!

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Posted by: guillaumelbw on Apr 24, 2018

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