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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~08:15:23 - 08:30:24

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Put your pants on. They have pockets. ― They will be more comfortable for you today, won't they? ― Mmm. So you can put those things in. Understood? Good job, Zhanna! Zhan, put this on. Look. It has pockets. A lot of pockets. Here is one pocket, here is another one. OK? Cover your mouth when you are coughing. Here, use this napkin to cover your mouth when you cough. Come. You like that red dress, don't you? ― Who did this? Huh? ― I don't know. Don't know? Oh, Zhanna, why did you do it? Alright. Try it on. Look. It might work. So, did you do it? ― Do you need a belt? ― Nope. ― Let me do it. You're gonna look beautiful. OK? ― No. No, no... Come, let me do your hair. Come on. I'm going to use purple bobby pins. Alright? Here. Wait, turn into the light. Now... Get up please. You'll have this on your back. Turn around. I'm going to put something into your pocket, so it doesn't fall. ― Alright? ― Yep. We're going to look for you. Zhanna, Zhanna, where are you? "Hello, Zhanna, where are you?" we will say. ― Zhanna! ― What? ― Do you have the bobby pin? ― Yep! ― The purple one. Come on, look at me for a second! ― What are you going to do today? Zhanna, are you going to study? ― Mmm. ― Are you going to play? ― Mmm. What plans do you have for today? ― Did you get sick? ― Yes. ― Do you wanna lay in bed? ― Are you going to do that to daddy? ― Mmm. ― Don't know. ― Go and do it. Daddy, get up. It's time. Do it, alright? ― Good morning! ― Good morning! OK, go and play! ― Are you going to wash your face and hands? ― Mmm. Roma! Roma! ― Roma! ― Huh? ― Come here! ― Where are my flip flops? ― Huh? ― Where are my flip flops? ― I have them on. I put them on for a minute. ― Don't do that. ― OK, I won't. ― Hmm? Don't put them on! Bring them here! ― Don't go there! ― What? ― Or you're going to get bitten by a mite. ― Huh? A mite? ― Roma, put down the broom! ― We're sweeping over there. Zhanna, where is... Are they going to record you? Yeah, let them do it. ― When do you... ― Here. ― What is it? What is it? ― Silence! I believe. I believe. What is it? Come on, what did they do to you? It is for recording me. Roma, Roma, don't stare at the camera! Don't look! Why are you standing as a wall? Come on, sweep! OK, what? Zhanna, it was mine. Zhanna is also going to do it. Come on, Zhanna, it is my stone. Hey! Zhanna, give me back my stone. Did you buy it? It is my stone. I found it. OK, if you insist. Go! Don't look! It's better for you. Don't look. ― What's going to happen? ― How many times should I tell you, OK, look. ― Ahh. ― Ew, so many mites. Don't scream! A mite, a mite. Don't look up there! Did I look? Why are you talking so quietly? Silence, I said. I've been told... Yes, why are you not speaking louder? Not going to tell you. What? Nothing! What? ― What is it, Roma? ― A walnut. You are eating. ― A spider! ― An onion. You scared me. Looks like it, doesn't it? What letter is this? Ohh... Look! ― Don't look at mine. ― Look here. Zhanna, you are being taped. ― Yes. ― What is it? ― What again? ― Look at this one! ― Ohh! Here, it is a mite! A mite! Ew, ew! ― Auntie Valya! ― Yeh? ― Come over here. Look something is coming out of the walnut. Don't know what it is. Some freaking mites. Look here! Clean! Wait, don't sweep yet. Here, Roma, there are walnuts here. Don't stare at the camera! You have been told. Don't look at the camera! Do you think I want to? Hey, why did you sit on my bottle? Yeah... Look... Give her hers.. Pass me walnuts please. Ahh. One got stuck inside. So how are you going to get it out? I will get it. Here, I will get it out. ― Let's bet I will stick this one in and then get it out? ― Of course. Let's bet on this one? I can do it. I will get it out. Here, ― Let's bet this one. ― You won't be able to do it. I will do it. Ahh. Let's bet this one? I can take it out. ― Let's bet? ― Of course you will do it. Ah... Where did you collect mine? Can we get this one out? ― Of course. ― Ohh. Of course you won't get it out. Only this one I won't be able to. Ahh... Let's bet you won't be able to do it at all? I can do it. Here, look. You are going to hurt your finger. So what? Here, I did it. So, you did it? ― Let's bet. ― Don't take mine. Take from others. Azat, let's bet I can take this one out? Of course. ― Hey, why is it not jumping? ― Of course you won't take it out. Right now, right this one won't stick out. Can you get it out? Break the bottle and that's it. Cut it? And then how am I supposed to drink? You will use a glass to drink. I want to use a glass... A bottle. I want to use a bottle. I want to use this bottle. What? Airplane. ― You've been told not to stare at the camera. ― I am not looking. Don't look at the camera. Look who's saying... Look what you gave...

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 95
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Oct 20, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 08:15-08:30 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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