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My name is Josh. I am fifth year psych student and I'm born and raised in Guelph. Being born and raised in Guelph and then coming to the University of Guelph as an undergrad student - In second and third year, I started to think about kind of getting that experience of going away because I didn't do it before university, so I thought about applying to going exchange, which I did in third year. I went to Australia. It was kind of supposed to be the time of my life. I was supposed to meet people from all around the world, get all these new experiences, and just be this super exciting time and kind of step outside of my comfort zone. What I learned pretty quickly was that the complete opposite was the case for me. I started to feel like very homesick, very isolated. The essence of having this good time wasn't there and I started to feel almost guilty that this was the case, so that was really difficult. During my time there, I started to work with a counselor and kind of tried to explore this a little bit more just because I was weighing whether I wanted to come home or not. I learned pretty quickly that it would be best for me to return from Australia, come back to Canada to Guelph and yeah, come home. I kind of just came to realize my values as a person and understand that the high importance that I place on family, and friends, and people that I know, and sure, meeting new people is exciting and I still enjoy it, but having that secure base is really important to me. I understand that there are ways to kind of get the things I wanted in Australia, I can also get those at home, so working with a counselor really kind of helped me recognize those things. When I came back home, I continued to see a counselor here and work with a therapist, and that was really helpful. It kind of helped me to deal with the guilt of the external pressures of not staying in Australia, and just understand for myself that that's not necessarily what was best for me. Prioritizing more time for family and friends because that is something that I missed so much while I was over there. When you're starting to feel anxious about things, reach out to a friend and talk to someone in class because chances are they're probably feeling the same way, and not only will you benefit from this, but they will also benefit from it too, and that can be really powerful.

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