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Latino Siloam Social Documentary Photography

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-What's your name? -Lourenco Guzman -Where are you from? -From Mexico, Hidalgo state. -Tell me about your store, What's its name? -It's called "La Hidalguense" We sell fruits and vegetables, we do shipments, phone cards. We receive new products. We open very early. Some days we receive new merchandise. That's what we do all day. The come and go of the customers. -What do you think about the competition from across the street? -Well... it's all good. They should continue with their effort. They got nothing on us, -nothing to taking away from us. We just keep doing our job and that's it. -What's your name? -Blanca Rodriguez -Where are you from? -From El Salvador. -What do you sell here at "La Pasadita"? -Just about anything! Fruits, vegetables, meat Bread...bakery -How long since you've been to El Salvador? -Ten years ago -[Ricardo] 2005 -No. [laughs] You speak from now on. -What's your name? -Ricardo -Where are you from? -From Baja California, Mexico. -Your neighbors, the competition... how is it? -I know nothing about them. I know absolutely nothing about the neighbors and what they do. -Would you like to have them support each other? -Well...yeah...I would like that. But this is very tricky sometimes because there are envious people. -What's your name? -Carmen Portillo -Where are you from? -From El Salvador. This is a beauty salon We do perms, haircuts, anything related to beauty. -What's the name of the salon? -C&G. -What is it that you enjoy most of your work? -Everything. And to have a regular chat with the customers. [laughs] -What about your neighbors from across the street? What you think? Are they competitive? -Well... Since I just come here to work I spend most of my time here at the salon and then home. I am always doing my own thing. -Do you think this salon is a vital for the Siloam Springs Community? -Hmm... What does the customer say? [laughs] -[customer] I come here all the time. -Yes, I think so. -What's your name? -Gladis Pineda -Gladis, where are you from? -I am Salvadorian -What is the official name of the salon? -Gladis Beauty Salon We dye hair, perms... We offer haircuts -For men and women, right? -Men and women I first had a beauty salon in Long Beach, California. And when I came here, I had to sell it and I started working in my garage. I worked in Simmons. I had both jobs. And when I got tired, I stopped working at Simmons. I opened a store in Highway 412. I started renting, but I don't rent anymore. This is my own place now. Since 1995 until now.

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