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What is the Valhalla Movement?

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Our mission is to make communal sustainable living mainstream As we believe many of the worlds ills can be solved Through communal sustainable living So were building a network Of 100% off the grid communities Starting here in Montreal, Quebec, Canada We're documenting the entire process To show others how to build their own communities And to show the world that communal, sustainable living Is awesome, feasible and necessary We're not a protest, we're a solution We are building a 100% off the grid community On 60 acres of land Just 20 minutes from Downtown Montreal Now what will we have in this community? Well it'll start with a giant two-story community center earthship Gardens, greenhouses, livestock, homes and so much more An earthship is a 100% off the grid structure invented by Michael Reynolds Earthships use modern engineering to work with the natural processes of the planet Resulting in free and automated generation of food, water and energy All your basic needs are met at zero cost to you They utilize the principle of thermal mass to stay around 68° Fahrenheit About 20° Celsius in even the most extreme climates without any electric heating or cooling They're also much cheaper than conventional homes and are made of mostly recycled materials Living at Valhalla will be like how we're meant to live Simply, beautifully and together Food, water and electricity are plentiful You're around like-minded people There's always something exciting going on There's always something new to learn or some new way to grow This isn't just some hippie ideal It's a feasible lifestyle And we're making it a reality The most exciting part about Valhalla Is the freedom it provides With all your basic needs met You wake up each morning owning the day You can follow your bliss without compromise And the people best fit to change the world Are those 100% absorbed in doing what they love to do With communities like Valhalla Anyone can do that Valhalla started in April 2012 with a handful of people Who were tired of waiting for others to be the change they wanted to see in the world So we bought 60 acres of land with no clear vision But we knew it needed to be done We planted some trees, gathered some people Moved into a house together, started a website And Valhalla was born The number one question is How are we funding this? We're going after funding from all angles We're attracting sponsors Trading the skills of Valhalla members for goods and services Seeking documentary funding Using crowdfunding campaigns And selling merchandise Made within the Valhalla community such as soap, candles and yoga mats We're also running local events that promote the ideals of Valhalla In 10 years we will have created the world we wish to see today The Valhalla Movement will be a network of sustainable communities Learning from each other and helping budding communities flourish The goal is to be mainstream These communities will be a launchpad for social change And inspiration for the world to believe in sustainable living

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What is the Valhalla Movement?

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