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TZM Street Talk: Episode 1 - Is Money Really Necessary?

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We’re the sacramento chapter of the zeitgeist movement. We’re out here at Second Saturday in Sacramento, California. As you can see we got a lot of people out here on the streets. You know this our chapter right here. So what we’re doing is we’re interviewing people on the street, asking them about their beliefs, opinions and views on the monetary system and potential changes we can make to it. So why wait? Let’s get started. Where do you think money comes from, and how is it created? Umm, haha! I don’t really know how it’s created. I don’t know. Government makes it? It comes from like the government. Money comes from the government. Money comes from the government. It’s created by printing presses. I don’t think that government has anything to really do with the money. Money is created at the Federal Reserve Bank, and it’s created from thin air. Sometimes it can just come from the air, just falls from the sky. I think the oxygen in the atmosphere just snaps it up and POW!, it’s created. Yeah. I think money comes from the government and it’s just created in those little machines and they print them out like… like those little I don’t know, those printing machines. And it’s created by um… It’s created by the machines and… I don’t know. The printer at the place, the mint. Yeah, the mint. I think money is just a social agreement that we value. It’s like a measurement of confidence in our economy. You know it used to be the gold standard used to actually mean something but now it’s just… us all saying “Hey let’s believe in this”. All money like we just kind of depend on the government for our money. It doesn’t actually mean anything. Just a piece of paper that we’re like “Hey, this is worth something”. It represents a value but it doesn’t actually have a value. It just has a value because the government says it has a value. It’s actually created in a couple of centers in the United States, American dollars. But it’s more a symbol for a commodity of trade. Where do you think money comes from and how is it created? ….... Yeah yeah, cool! Do you think money causes more problems than it solves? Yeah, yes, yeah. Because people fight over money all the time. Yeah, we all want it. All the time. I think it depends on who’s using it. But for the most part yeah I think it does. I honestly believe money does cause more problems than it solves. Hahaha! Money the root of all evil. Well it’s necessary to have a functional currency in a society. But, it’s pretty detrimental to the general public when a fiat currency runs out of control like where we’re at now. Yeah, honestly yeah. I do believe money causes more problems than it solves. Yes I believe it causes more problems. Well, I don’t think money causes problems. It certainly can be the root of much evil. But it’s a necessary medium for barter. No. I mean, I think money has its place. I mean a bartering system is very outdated. I don’t think that’s coming back any time soon. I mean money does cause problems but it makes day to day life and transactions a lot easier. Do you think money causes more problems than it solves? Why or why not? ???? I don’t know. It depends on the way you see it. No, I don’t think it causes more problems than it solves. I think if you use it for good purposes it could be a good thing. But then if you are using it for just to gain power or whatever, I think it could be a bad thing. So…. It causes a lot of corruption and everything and everyone fights over it and if it wasn’t here, then there wouldn’t really be a problem. It’s not the money. It’s the greed of the people. Because money in itself… If I had a lot of money I would help a lot of people. So it’s not necessarily the money. It’s really us that misuse it and you know have bad intentions. If what you find is happiness is centered around the need to have money, then it’s probably a problem. So I think the answer is it depends on the importance you place on money in your life. Does money bring happiness why or why not? Well I don’t think money can bring happiness. It makes a down payment on happiness but it doesn’t bring it. I don’t know, I think like true happiness you know comes from like within. I think you don’t have to have a whole lot and you can be happy. I think it does in some cases. What if you don’t have money? So then if you don’t have money, money can’t buy you happiness. Yeah but if you don’t have any money then you’re sad. So…. Well you can get happiness from other things. Cause like poor people aren’t happy and they don’t have money. So…. Exactly. I agree with her. Well I don’t know. I just don’t think materialistic things buy all happiness. Like…. Sometimes. Well I mean I’m with you guys. I don’t buy you guys and you guys make me happy. Aaaw! You’re just so cute! But I don’t think money in itself… I think you know when we have self worth I think and you value your friends and but… Money it helps but I don’t think money is the thing that makes you happy. But it can contribute and it can also cause a lot of problems also. Money brings happiness in the interim just like capitalism works in the interim. But when the pyramid collapses and you’re left with a currency that’s worth nothing, I would say money in general brings unhappiness. It can for some people. Because other people think if you have more money you can buy what you want and that will make you happy. But, a lot of the time that’s not the case. People get greedy with money. Um… They try to make more of it. And I think that happiness within the person himself is what creates happiness. To an extent depending on your economic social structure and what level you’re at in that. I think it’ll get you a lot more happiness when you are in a more middle class zone in the United States. But below that it definitely correlates to less happiness the less money you have. It depends on which country you’re living in. Beause obviously you could be happy in a third world country and have no money. But, if you’re living here it’s kind of difficult. I don’t think money brings happiness but it sure does help. The way the world is now, if you don’t have any money, you’re not going to be happy because you’re going to be starving but um…. Outside of that, just because you have money, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be happy either so…. Sometimes. It can for a short period and then you get over it I don’t think it’s real happiness. I think it’s for like a minute it is… superficial. Yeah, superficial. Can you imagine a world without money? Um, yes I can imagine one. I don’t think it’s going to happen. I mean I can imagine a dragon but I don’t think a dragon’s going to come flying out here, or I hope not. No. No because I don’t think so because you can’t really do anything. And, if there is no money you can’t have a house to live in, you can’t have food to eat you know? So I don’t think there would be a world if there was no money. Sure there would just be a different medium for barter. Yes, but not for probably a thousand years. I can’t. It would be nice hypothetically if there was no such thing as money because then everyone would be equal in a sense. Like there would be no third world countries, there would be no poverty. But, people would find other things to be greedy for. Can you imagine a world without money? Would be nice.Would be very nice. Yes I can. And why is that? Um well, why can I imagine it? Well it’s possible to visualize something like that. It seems far away but I think it’s going to take a little bit of breakdown of the infrastructure and to get back to some grassroots of community and people reconnecting with food and where food comes from. Yeah, it doesn’t cause problems. Like everybody would be happy. There would be no like taxes and you know I don’t think there would be war really. Yes, yes. When I think without money, I think in terms of equality. It’s probably more a communistic or socialistic approach to the thing which isn’t politically correct correct but I think we could use a little bit more equality in terms of economic status. And whether that involves money or not is debatable. But I’d say that a world with less emphasis on money could be a good thing. A world without money, that means things could be free. That could cause less problems. That could cause chaos though. I think there would be less chaos because then everyone would be able to trust each other and then… Yeah but we’d have to figure out a way to get things without money. Yeah that’s true. We’d have to trust each other. But we don’t. But if everyone did, then it’d be easy. Yeah. Yeah. IMAGINE THAT!

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Sacramento chapter of the zeitgeist movement interviews people on the streets.

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