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Spanish and Mexican Food Part 4 Block 2

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El DESAYUNO, breakfast, en ESPANA, Spain, is usally eaten between 7:00 and 9:00 am. One of my favorite Spanish breakfast is CHURROS CON CHOCOLATE. Here is a video clip that will make your mouth water. BUENDOS DIAS, it is now just about 10:30. Im am in the middle of TORRE MOLINOS, on COSTA DEL SOL. As you can see here's a CHURRO with nothing on it. They give me some suger so im going to pour some suger on it Its sticking becuase its nice and greasy Here's the CHURRO and here is the CHOCOLATE. Its not as thick as I remember it, but is still thicker than the chocolate you get in the United States Perfect for dipping So, for your morning meal you take the CHURRO, dip it in the CHOCOLATE... UMMM! When they're not enjoying CHURROS Y CHOCOLATE for breakfast people in Spain eat foods like MADELEINE. a sweet type of bread or PAN TOSTADO toast especially with nutella which they call NUTELLA nutella is a sweet chocolate hazel nut spead that they use instead of peanut butter in fact you wont find peanut butter in Spain They dont like it or eat it at all They eat nutella, the nice chocolate hazel nut spead instead BEBIDAS PARA DESYUANO, or breakfast drinks include CAFE CON LECHE, coffee with milk, or the thick hot chocolate that we saw earlier that is perfect for dipping their CHURROS they also drink orange juice and other kinds of juices but it is more often from a bottle then fresh squeezed in Spain they call juice THUMO insted of FUGO thus ends a El DESYUANO en ESPANA EL ALMUREZO lunch in Spain is also called LA COMIDA it is the main meal of the day and is much as an american dinner then our lunch they usually eat this main meal between 2 and 3 pm remember many stores and small buisnesses close at this time so people can go home and eat this big meal with there families in Spain they do not have the Mexican flat corn TORTILLAS at there tables but rather large loafs of bread with a hard crunchy outside and a soft inside like Mexico they will usally have SOPA soup and ENSALADA salad with there main meals but insted of Rice and Refried beans they will usually have Potatoes PATATAS with there meat often in the form of thick French Fries PATATAS FRITAS like you see here and additinal types of Meats in there meals Spainards enjoy many body parts including RINONES: kidneys, CABEZAS DE CORDERO: sheep heads. And don't forget LENGUA or tongue Also very common are ARCALLOS: tripe or intestins. CALLOS A LA MADRILENO is a popular dish in which CALLOS are combined with beans. Since Spain is surrounded by water they eat lots of seafood. MARISCO and fish. BACALAO: catfish. BACALAO CON PATATAS: Catfish with Potatoes. Below is lobster and sauce. And here is grilled squid. PESCADO MIXTO: mix seafood plate. Finally you can't forget there famous PAELLA. A mix of yellow rice, vegetables, and seafood. BEBIDAS: drinks for lunch is the main meal in Spain. Does not included fruit water like in MEXICO. You can get AGUA: water. GASEOSA: sparkling water. VINO: wine This ends la COMIDA: the main meal en ESPANA: Spain. MERIENDA: Snack in Spain is usually eaten 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. And usually only eaten by los NINOS: the children. Since they don't eat as much like adults during the main meal between 2 and 3 p.m. They tend to get hungry before their late dinner. the kids in spain often snack on GALLETAS (cookies). Shown here are some Maria cookies, a lite tea biscuit that is very popular in Spain. They also eat FRUTIAS y VERDURAS. (fruits and vegitables) as well as regular yogurt or drinkable yogurt. If there espescially hungry they can a sandwich which they a BOCADILLO. Drinks at snack time may inculde juice, which they call ZUMO or LECHE (milk). remember that in spain they usally drink boxed milk rather then fresh milk. The boxed milk does not need to be refrigerated until after it is opened, and of course they can always drink AQUA (water) or AGUA ZELTER (zelter water). Thus ends MERIANDA (snack) in ESPAINA (spain). LA CENA (dinner) is eaten between 9 and 11 pm in spain. Since the main meal in the day is eaten between 2 and 3 pm, thier CENA is actually much more like the size of a typical lunch in the united states. remember that in spain they eat diner much later then most people in the united states becuase most adults dont usally leave work until around 8pm. In fact many resturants in spain dont even open for dinner until 9pm. For dinner they may eat a sandwhich called a BOCADILLO or BOCADA. Shown here is a BOCADA DE JAMON SERRANO.The salted cured ham that is very popular in spain. you can also have a simple mixed meat plat,like the one shown here, including JAMON SERRANO in the middle surrounded by CHORIZO a non spicy spanish sausage And some QUESO, cheese. Here is another BOCCATA.DE CHORISO Y IBERICO CON QUESO Thinly sliced strips of the spanish sausage with cheese Depending on the type of CHORIZO, it can be served cold, often with QUESO cheese and pan. Bread Or it can be cooked and served hot. Here you can see, CHORIZO on the left, next to its counter part, MORPHILA on the right Remember that MORPHIJA is the spanish black sausage made from blood, rice, spices, and other ingredients. Moving on to some more falimiliar foods, you can also have HAMBURGUESA DE BATTATAS FRITAS in spain Hamburgers with french fries. Or pizza and since they are so big on sea food in spain. You may have the choice of muscles or shrimp on your pizza. In some places, as well as CHORIZO or MORPHIJA, the 2 types of spanish sausage that we discussed earlier Tortija espanola, the potatoe egg and onion omlet, is baked and served like a pie is also very popular. Remember the tortilla in spain is not the same as the tortilla in mexico. In fact when i lived in spain TORTILLA ESPONOLA was my dinner on many nights. Since it was so reasonally priced and delicious. Finally we get to the famous spanish TAPAS. Appitizer like finger foods like unpeeled shrimp or small portions various meat dishes. often served with rice, ARROZ, or potatoes, PATATAS. Spain is well known for their wide variety of TAPAS and the small portions that they come in allow you to have a variety of different foods at once. Here you can see some TAPAS that were taken to go. PIPIRANA- peppers and onions and olive oil with tuna. PATATAS A LA POBLE- poor peoples potatoes and olive oil ENSALADA DE PIMENTE- Peppers in olive oil LENTEJAS -lentos ARROZ - rice and ESTFADO DE TERNERA-Pork stew...Also MARGO CON TOMATE- beef in tomato sauce Cheese Pasta And chicken livers in cherry sauce MMMMMMMMM......... And dont forget the famous spanish olives Before we end our discussion of dinner in spain we have to mention two very famous spanish desserts FLAN DE HUEVO and CREMA CATALANA FLAN is a light egg custard that is bathed in a carmel sauce you can make it at home or have it out at a resturant it is not creamy like a pudding CREMA CATALANA on the other hand is similar to pudding in its texture it is primarily milk based as opposed to egg like the flan and instead of it being bathed in a caramel sauce it is CREMA CATALANA very similar to the french creme brulee, is usually served with carmalized top. Both desserts are delicious and a must try if you are ever in spain. Spains dinner drinks or BEBIDAS are quite varied They include prefrescas like coca-cola but they do not have the apple flavored soda MANZANITA in spain. There is also AGUA or water, or GASEOSA, celser In addition to VINO or wine, which is very popular for the main meal earlier in the day Finally you can get milkshakes in spain which are called BATIDOS not LIQUADOS like called in mexico. Spanish BATIDOS are always made with milk and can be served with icecream or without thus ends LA CENA, dinner in ESPANA, spain

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Spanish and Mexican Food Part 4 Block 2

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