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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~13:39:46 - 13:57:35

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Do some freestyle skateboarding! That dude does freestyle in skating. I´ve done some, in many ways. Awesome! Hey! Grab your groin; I´ve bruised my groin riding my skateboard. That´s the worst thing, bro. And when you get the iron bar, and the skateboard moves forward and you crash your balls right on the iron bar? Yeah, you hit your balls on the iron. Very awful. I´m traumatized from taking a slide because of that, you know. I was just a beginner; I wanted to swerve like that... Is this it? Forwards? That´s right, leave it there. That´s it! Then, just push play. Is it okay? All good. Sweet! That dude went ahead, huh? The tape quality is fine and then some, right bro? What´s the name of that..hat tape I used to have? The awesome one? I guess it´s something with 99? 499. 411. Let it go through. Those dudes did some wacky animation, that guy slept in the box of matches. Have you seen that one? And then, he would row like a madman and got stuck in a sewer and got out of it right away. So, he was rowing strongly and caught it right.... Like, he was a midget, got that? Holy cow! That´s wicked, bro! It was animation, graphics processing. Okay then, I´m going down there, buddy. Do you want me to go with you? I´m going down there. I am. I gotta go down there anyway. And off we go. Dude, are you gonna keep standing there? I´m coming. I´m coming, I´m coming. Let´s rush there. Let´s have lunch, dude! Let me go over there quick? You do those moves, too? On a skateboard? I used to, but I quit. Did you? For how long? About three years. About three years? I did it for nearly two years. Hey dude, your mom is ringing you. No, I´ll only eat rice and beans, that´s all. I´ve already eaten today, mom. No, I used to, darn! I went to Sesc, to Ibira... And over here on the street, we´d set up a great circuit. ramp, handrails, then the neighbors tossed gas and set the ramp on fire. Cause we were freaking loud! After that, I cooled off, like I even got a job and stuff... There was also a time when I stopped walking because I didn't had any shoes. Oh man... Shape, I didn't had money to buy shape, bro. Here in São Paulo, we have the option where to walk, right dude? Yes. Because in Sorocaba it's still scarce. Lots of messed up places. Hi, mom. Lets go for lunch, uncle? No. Did you eat already? No, I didn't. Let's eat bro, let's go get some grub. If you don't want to eat, eat some fruit, a cheap one. Darn! You took long, bro ! Be at ease there, dude ! So? You don't even give me time to catch a little fat? Ah, and you can't eat an egg... it's right on top. No, I am only going to eat beans and salad... and potato. The potato is over there. Where is the spoon so I can get the rice, mom? Wait. It's already this one. This one, see. See. I'm not going to eat much... I ate pastry. Rael, get a cloth there. What? Get a cloth there. I only eat so I could bear the pain, mom. What pain? The pain! Stomach pain? No, that one I had in the morning. It's another pain now. Of what? In the chest? Needle pain. What, are you going to make holes? Why do you do these things? What? Those tattoos. Why are you hurting yourself for nothing? One pain or the other. What? It's one pain or the other. It's normal, it's messed up in the beginning. The first needle it's messed up, but then... the skin starts getting hotter. You are cool. Hey, dude ! Hey, dude ! How is it, Sorocaba? Help yourself there, hey ! There, the plate is there, hey ! Be at ease there, old man ! Rael? Mother. I didn't understood. Chair, there is it with Daniel. Ah, I am going to eat in the bedroom here. If you want to keep eating, eat... You are going to eat in the bedroom? You aren't going to eat at the table? I am not going to drink anything, otherwise I won't eat. I am drinking a lot of things. Better, right? Yes. There is not going to spill. Is it firm like that? Do you want juice? Actually I do, bro! I am going to check if there is some. Take it easy there, now ! If am not mistaken, there is still some. I have spoken without certainty but.... it took a while. Darn! Lets go get "the tube" there at your place, Dilson? Tutti-Frutti. My dad is going to get it there, bro. Wellington also did that one there? No, but he is going to finish it, bro. The annoying kid huh? You understand right? Geez, I have seen some of his work. No comment. No comment about his work. There, he made that one there. That is this one here ! Nervous, dude. Unbelievable it seems, dude, Ton is the biggest brother to work, right? A dude that has all the problems.... Did you meet him there in Sorocaba? No, I met him here. I had to go there. Did you go there? No, I need to go there. I met him here. Ah, you met him here. I met him through a job. I worked with F1 helmet painting, you understand? Kart, Harley Davidson, some great bikes. He worked with those drawings, dude... and I was with the shirt, he saw and said: "hey, I don't know what" dude. We pulled an idea and I said: "Bro, put some of your drawings there", and... So he did and I dot a job there, bro. Then we became friends, then I left and he continued there and got a job to other dudes there. Oh, great, dude! He also left now, right? Hum, Wellington is a dude that.... Doesn't want to be tied up to any company, dude. He can make his own way, no problem. Yeah, he can do that alright. It's a matter of managing, only! Hey, why did you stop working? Because the company of my dad moved here and, is missing what? Six years until my dad's retirement? Then my mother came as well and I stayed there. That is when I started working as a motoboy. There in Sorocaba, I think it's the same size as the south zone in here, right dude, of São Paulo? Then I started working there. Then, I lost my license because of a fine for not replacing my old helmet, dude. And here people ride even without any helmet, right dude? I said: "If I stay there, I no longer have a license", "now my bike is going to the patio". And so I came here, dude. Then I had any more time, right bro? I stopped travelling then. Get it for yourself, dude. I will eat afterwards. Eat now, uncle. Enjoy it! No, I am not going to do it yet! No, Wilson will stop by, will bring it. Then, eat! Then you are already satisfied. You aren't going to eat? Ah, already, already. Darn, the dudes are without a break, son. It's a plan-sequence, the dudes. So? Are you cool? Darn! You are starving, dude. You don't know what you are missing, bro. I am also going to eat. It's all good, dude. I am cool. I am going to take it. How unlucky! It had to happen this week ! Now you are going to walk on top of her. You are going to run her over. Kill her. I thought it was Brunão, bro. Yeah, it has something alike. Yeah. I swear! Aren't you going to eat, Paulo? No, I am going to have lunch at home. Eat, Paulinho. Wife, right? Already spend the night out, so you need to eat together. And yesterday, did you got anything? Ah... You give one more, right Gabeirão? It was fast, it just came. It already was, it was there. What? I think that my dad went to get some juice, bro. The wine is in the fridge. If you want, just take it. Get some food for your, bro. Relax, I will eat soon. Here? Where is Rael? At the window there, hey. Here? At the window there ! Here? Use the incense there... And put it on there. Everything's okay? It has, it has here. Here it has. Ah okay, Rael has. Is it enough? Oh, just go! Go, hungry one! This way I will end up looking for a hole, bro. It's the hunger! No, it's not that. It's not that. Hey Erimar! This little CD of yours, how can I buy it? CD? Yeah. 6 dollars. We have it there, hey. So, Rael? And my ones? That you took there. I am needing it. What? Win some cash. I have to get there at Ducha, dude....more. What, Rael? I saw your mom there, she said for you to go because Laís is there crying. Yeah bro? Be strong. And? Did you see the crazy sounds there? Or not? I see Mos Def. I see Mos Def. Yeah? Did you see the Harley there? No Come on. Put it on... Put it at the point there, you know. Is this the right one? Yeah, you have to take... This one here? What does it matter? It's this one here, hey. To make it normal, press play. To go faster, you press it three times. You go to two, four, eight. Press it one more time: eight. Press one more, it goes even faster. Great. Great. Speak with Rael, he will tell you how to stop it. Press play. Down there. Can I sit down there? Its loose in the back. Sit down. To go forward? Its this one. Forward. Ah, you want to go forward with the video> Relax, bro. Ah, leave it. It looks like the center, hey. It looks like the center? The crazy ones got it right. Size of the handrail! But there everything is huge, right dude? Here everything is squeezed. It looks like the city is already made for the dudes to ride on, right dude? Skate's capital, California. Hello! Those crazy dudes that were here are from there, bro. Those crazy dudes that were here, here in front, are from there. But the bros don't walk, right? Look, look the handrails there, bro! It looks like the dudes made it just for skating. Diss the stuff. Diss the stuff, bro. Hey Paulo. You dissed the stuff right, Paulo? Oh, and I will destroy everything huh, bro? That chair there it's fake. It has there, João. Why didn't you take it? I didn't see it, bro. Dry.

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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 13, 2008

In his room with friends. Eating.

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