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Bernard teach: Experience Living and Principled Living 1

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Desteni Presents: Experience Living and Principled Living - Part 1 Darryl: What should we talk about today? Ok, we're going, to have "a discussion", about Experience living, or Principled living what does that mean? and how it 'affects' one in your, Life? obviously that the 'principle' according to which you 'set your Life', will determine the 'outcome' of your Life, and it will determine obviously the experience within it as well if your starting point thought is 'experience' principles will be out, of the window! because you will always 'adjust' your 'principles' according to your experience and then you cannot be 'trusted', because the experience is, 'your guideline' which means it is your 'self-interest' that is your guideline now it is very important that also, the 'principle' accord to which you set your Life must be 'a principle' That, is 'actually' supporting and that is- that will actually have the 'effect', of and 'outcome', that is 'best' for all Life not 'only' for your, experience which means, that sometimes your principle will be in 'conflict' with your desire to 'experience' and (Kieran: That's like, always) is, initially it should be like that I mean if it's not in "conflict" with your desired to experience, and there is still starvation or war, in the world, then obviously you're dishonest because then your principle is not, 'actually' within the context of, supporting Life or making sure that all beings are equal and one within the 'experience' of, at this stage - the physical we can obviously only, speak of, the physical or the metaphysical the metaphysical is that which happens 'after- death', which is just another 'form' of physical and then you have the physical which is, that which happens 'before death' - between birth and death D: Does the method of Life lived during the physical affect the, metaphysical in the same way? The metaphysical and the physical are equal and one "As above so below" it's always been like that If one really takes "as above, so below" to, it's conclusion then, the world as it is now, is a reflection of Heaven and, heaven is a reflection of the world equal and one! it's "Cause - Effect" what happens in heaven happens 'on earth', what happens on earth, happens in heaven D: Can you give us an example on, how someone lives their Life through experience and, or principle? experience living would be for instance, where one would be living to make, 'money' to have a 'good Life' Every single day you'll have "experiences" those experiences dwill have outflows and 'consequences' you will measure that, according to how it will benefit you and accordingly you'll adjust yourself to "follow", the "experience" that will give you that most benefit the most, 'pleasure' the most 'comfort', the most I mean it's totally "self-centered", it's about you being at peace in 'your world', while, you're oblivious to everything else going on which is basically 'experienced living' if one take an example of 'a principle' for instance that is a- experienced 'related', you will take for instance the love 'principle' place it into an 'experience', and then 'live', so that you experience love and you wish everybody else will as well, because then apparently we will having peace on earth and everything will just 'suddenly', by some magic, 'change' which, doesn't happen we can look at it from the time of the hippies in the sixties and 'beyond' where love was the principle, from the time of what's that, singer, who promoted love so extensively as (K: John Lennon) John Lennon, it made no difference no matter, if millions 'loving', and doving 'Nothing', changed, everything got worse because when your 'principle', is based on an 'experience' it's no longer a principles so therefore one can virtually say that love is not a principle love is an experience Equality and oneness is a principle therefore there is no 'feeling', linked to it there is no 'energy' linked to it there is, 'a consequential', specific outflow in every 'breathe' - that is measurable Are we 'equal'? and is all our experiences 'equal'? Is that- the laws, that guide us, providing for all 'equal'? Is the living space, providing for all equal? Is the 'food' providing for all equal? is water for all equal? Is the resources for all equal? and are we 'dealing with it' - as One? one body: the body of humanity that is equality, and oneness 'practically' within the 'context' of everything so therefore even 'money' Is all money distributed 'equal' as a 'method' of communication as a 'method' of sharing value, as a method of 'appreciation' as a 'method of support', or is it Used, so that some 'may' 'experience' money well, while I'm- others may experience having 'no money' That's not equality, that is not a 'quality' of Life either that is not 'oneness' you're then "oneness", within the "context" of - separation, from some 'having', and some not having within 'apparent principles' that: because you're not "loving enough" because you're not "following" the spiritual, "principles" you are not 'allowed' to have, this outflow of 'oneness' but oneness in principle, within equality would say: It is regardless at this stage of your, particular- situation, you should be treated equal and the education should be equal I would go as far as saying that, where technology already is available that one must particularly, start looking at, even a- a 'child', before they are born, can be accessed if they will have, be able to have an 'equal Life' because what is the point to have so much 'suffer' in the name, of one's apparent idea that 'God' has apparently bestowed you, with 'a disease' that will harm you, and let you suffer all your 'Life' when it is purely a DNA defect? I mean, we already know these things, but we will not apply, because we do it under the- the, 'experience of love' because I mean where's, what has love got to do with it? love is an experience of self-interest that's why, when you "fall in love" with someone I mean, it's all "wonderful" but when you 'fall out' of, love, the experience change and you change to something of, despise, 'hate' disdain, all kinds of experience that flow from it Now, how could love be a principle if it can change? Love then, is not a principle, that can be lived by because it can change (K: And it doesn't stand-) it doesn't stand, for all Life (K: the test of time) Yeah, it does not stand - the test of time To be continued in Part 2 - For Full discussion please join: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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