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Knik Picnic bush pilot gathering at glacier -- Angle of Attack Show EP 4

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Posted by: aoa001 on Jun 25, 2017

Flying in Alaska — today’s mission, headed north to the Knik (keh-nick) Glacier area, where we'd go to the Picnic Strip. Yup, it's a Knik Picnic. Many pilots from around the area would show up in their various bush-planes. It was a party for sure, but not the only great part of the trip. Later we'd swing by some glaciers at low level for some spectacular views on our way back to Soldotna.


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Aviation is a small community, and even smaller in Alaska. A group of pilots decided to put on a "Picnic" near the Knik Glacier. There's a small, natural gravel strip there that is perfect for this type of gathering.

In the early morning I headed north to Soldotna to meet up with my friend Terry Godes who flies a Cessna 170B ( the Trusty Spam Can) on Bushwheels. I always learn so much when I go on these trips, and this was another instance where that was the case.

Terry and I really enjoyed the scenery on the way up as we flew over the Kenai River, Skilak Lake, Cooper Landing, Hope, Turnagain Arm, Girdwood, and into the Chugach Mountains.

We then descended into the Knik Valley on our way to the Picnic strip. There we had a great time meeting up with friends old and new, as we watched the airplanes come and go. It was chilly, but a beautiful and perfect day. Couldn't have been any better!

On our way back we flew over Inner Lake George, and past the Colony Glacier. At low level, we were blown away by the views of the glacier ice up close. Just hard to believe all the hues of blue.

Spoiler alert!!!: Watch out for dogs on the runway!

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