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No Strings Attached (2011)

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[deep breath] You don't remember my name, do you? (guy) Did you have a good time last night? It was alright.Nothing special. Hey Adam, you left your socks in my room. Did I... Hey champ. Hey. What happened last night? You made my body hurt so much. Um. You're up! Emma. Did I have sex with anyone in this apartment last night? No, you didn't. [giggling] So, I just passed out on your couch? Yeah. You were naked, and crying. [snickers] (girl) Do you like her? (Adam) I can't date her. She's my oldest friend. Hey, we're having sex! I know. Did you have sex with Emma? (Adam) No. Yes. Wow. (Emma) I'm a doctor. I work 80 hours a week. I need someone who's gonna be in my bed at 2 am, who I don't have to eat breakfast with. I hate breakfast. Good. [cell text tone] It's from Emma. Where are you? You wanna come back strong here - like where am I? Why doncha check your underpants? Yeah. Yeah. Don't write that. (Emma) Maybe we should establish ground rules. No lying, no jealousy, don't list me as your emergency contact. I won't call. (Adam) Don't ask me what I think about your body. (Emma) Deal. (roommate) can't focus on my porn with all this real sex going on around me. [giggles] (Emma) We probably shouldn't snuggle. (Adam) Yeah. That just felt wrong. I think I'm falling for her. (friend) That's a horrible idea. You're living every guy's dream right now. Why would you mess that up? I really like you. [slurping] Um. (girl) You always find these perfect guys, and then you're like, it will never work. (Emma) I think monogamy goes against our basic biology. Go hook up with someone else. (Adam) You're kidding. Okay. I'm going to call up every girl in my phone, until someone agrees to have sex with me. I'll toast to that. That is a terrible self destructive plan, and we're behind you 100%. (woman's voice) Adam? You are such an over-achiever. Thank you . [The Bravery - "Ours"] ♪ This time is ours, if I could hold this moment in my hands ♪ (Adam) Go on a date with me. One date. Rrh! Why can't we just have sex! ♪ This time is ours ♪ (Adam) You can't fight me.You're miniature. You fight like a hamster. [Captions by]

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