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Happy Birthday Mikalai Dziadok

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hi, Mike This is Richard from Germany city of Dresden Always remember solidarity is our weapon We are all with you We didn't forget you And everything gonna turn all to be all right Happy birthday, mate Come back sooner! Hi Kolia, from ACT Avtonomia We hope that you will come to Kharkiv to our squat When your sentence will be over Our squat won't be closed by that time We will be really happy to see you No passaran Being in social activity we all understand that sooner or later we will have to face repressions and such horrible things that's I personally try to understand what would I feel what would I do if i end up in such situation and I have one thought that I will be really worried that my comrades won't take my place they won't manage to cope with specific things that the movement will loose a lot and everything will fall apart But I wanna tell you That we try our best Fighting to build up the movement and while you are In the prison of the regime We build a strong chapter in our city And this chapters appear in many cities and countries of Ukraine, Russia so brother, only one thing from you hang on, take care of the problems save yourself for future struggle this is all we need from you we believe in you I was surprised that even in prison you continue studding foreign languages Because the scariest prison is the one inside of you You don't have this you remain passionate committed, even in the captivity So I'm really happy for you Happy Birthday. Hello Kolia I send you greeting from Kharkiv I'm right now in Avtonomia squat I wish you get out of prison as soon as possible I congratulate you with your birthday Wish that the time in prison goes way faster and you feel support from outside Wish your health will be ok When you get out Come to Kharkiv to our squat Would like to meet you in person Good luck. No passaran Kolia, friend, brother, comrade we remember you we do not forget you we continue our fight and hope that soon you will join us Kharkiv ACT collective Happy Birthday Kolia Would like to say fuck cops freedom to thieves Whatever hardships appear for you anyway you should cope with it And remember: you are not alone Greetings from lads from Yaroslavls Hello Hi We are the Anarchist Black Socks Toulouse We don't know you well, but we've heard you're locked in And imprisonment, of any kind, is revolting us So well, it's not much but we would like to wish you "Happy Birthday" Cause, we are out, but as long as prison exist no one is really free Fire to all prisons! See you soon mate Bye Antinational birthday greetings from Vienna la lucha continĂșa Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Mikalai Happy Birthday!

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Duration: 9 minutes and 27 seconds
Country: Belarus
Language: English
Producer: Anarchist Black Cross Belarus
Director: Anarchist Black Cross Belarus and friends
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Posted by: mr.dotsubber on Aug 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Mikalai Dziadok

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