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[Brochure de MI-JUIN 2017, 10 JUIN - 14 JUILLET 2017] Hey y'all! It's me Cheryl, and are you ready to dip into summer with your brand new June monthly brochure? It is jam packed with some amazing offers, but before we go into the brochure let's talk about what do we have for our host? Well first of all, we have our summer jam picnic set. Now you know this is your summer hostess special in your summer catalog, but we're also featuring it in your June monthly brochure, and I'll tell you why in just a minute. $500+ and 2 in the US, $600+ and 2 in Canada, and your host can take advantage of this amazing offer. And I love this insulated picnic basket guys, and all of this Tupperware fits right inside here. So everything they need to take on that boating trip, to take it to the beach, take it to the lake, or just take it to the park guys. Tupperware has the answers. But we also have a host bonus, and it is featured in your mid-June brochure. And that host bonus is for $600+ and 2 in the US, $700+ and 2 in Canada your host can take advantage of not one, not two, not three, but four of our medium Eco water bottles with these really fun sleeves. And look y'all, they coordinate with your picnic basket. How awesome is that? But we're not done y'all because we're also going to give them this amazing beach blanket, and I have Serina—right? Is it Serina or Serena? - Syreesa. - Syreesa. And she's brand new in Tupperware, so welcome! - So say hey y'all! - Hey y'all. Okay see, she said y'all. Okay. So I'm going to have her—we're going to open this up 'cause it has this really fun handle. How great is that? Isn't that awesome? So and of course we have it logoed, so you've got walking talking advertisement everywhere you go. And we're going to open this up. Look how fun is this? Let's turn it around this way girlfriend and show them how fun is this y'all! Okay? So this is a gotta have for all of your hosts. We have—and this is what 2.0 is really built back to— as we have in the rest of the world we have the distributors, business leaders, and you have a sales force. So the terminology now for the sales force structure is— Well we have different terminologies, right, so for us, for y'all, we have organizational leaders which is your one start directors and above. So when you hear us talk about either in a TupperLive or reporting night or whatever in the videos weekly and we say organizational sales, we are talking about your organizational leaders, their sales that they are being recognized on. Okay? And then we have directors. Right? Yep which typically an organizational leader will have directors. - They have to, right? - They do. - In order to be an organizational leader. - That's right. So have a structure. If you see that when I send out emails, I always say business leaders, organizational leaders, and directors. - So what does a director have? - So a director has team sales. That has not changed. So and then of course now with traditional 2.0 we have our managers and they have units. And so they have unit sales. And that really helps to define. So when you hear us talking about unit sales, you'll know. When you hear us talking about team sales, organizational sales, company sales, and/or sales volume. And I've just got to bring back, because this brings us back to when we really started the whole approach moving into 2.0 because the whole is a bottom-up strategy. And what we've seen, the number of new unit managers that we do have— we have an increased sales force size. We're up 8% since last year. We have actually, yes, 8% more managers since last year. And you know, last year was company of the year and the year before company of the year too. So this is really helping supporting the bottom-up. Hi everyone, Dawn Viola from the Tupperware home office. I am going to share with you some features for the Fusion Master Sorbet Maker. First thing that I'd like to share with you is the built-in stopper. And we'll show you a closeup of this. There's a little piece on each side that will let you know when it's time to stop turning the spout. And I'll show you when we assemble it how that works. We also include two extra gaskets for the sorbet blade. And we'll also show you a closeup on how to assemble that if you do need to replace the gaskets at any time. The neat thing about the system is that you can unscrew the top of the blade and store your extra gaskets inside, or you can also store them inside the top of the plunger. Just like that. And that way you'll always be able to find them whenever you need them. So to assemble, you want to find a sturdy flat surface that the base will stick to. You want to insert the top, and then we're going to lock the base in place. So this isn't going anywhere. It's stuck to the counter and you're going to be ready to use it as soon as you get the blade in there. This is the blade. You always want to hold it from the top or the bottom. You insert into the Fusion Master, attach the handle, and then you're going to attach the spout. And remember I told you it has that built-in stopper. It also has an illustration telling you which way to spin. So if you're ever at a party and for some reason you just can't get this to go on, just try spinning it the opposite direction. And it'll go right on. And you can hold the handle at the same time. And there we go. There's that stopper. It's not letting me spin it any more. And I know that's on nice and tight. You would fill the hopper with fruit, put the plunger on top of the fruit, and turn the handle. And then you have sorbet. Imagine a kitchen where you could ask Alexa anything. What do I have for planovers in my freezer? And it would tell you. What can I make for snacks when the kids come home from school? And it would tell you. At Tupperware, we envision a future where we—Tupperware—are at the center of the connected kitchen. We see this. And you know what? The connected kitchen is a reality today. These things exist guys. June Intelligent Oven has facial recognition technology built into it. If you put a sheet of cookies in or a chicken, it knows.

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Translation Test - DotSub

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