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She has finally transferred from cable television Our Jang Young Ran sshi I'm Vitamin Jang Young Ran [Cute] [Cute] This is the image I've heard about cute and bubbly Why don't you introduce yourself in a cute manner? Which camera should i look at then? It doesn't matter! You just look at any camera you want to! The camera over here would just follow your every action [Getting excited along with her] I don't know anything about this! [Very excited to begin with] Please do it quickly Hello everybody, I'm VJ Jang Young Ran I'm very sassy, cute and bubbly vitamin, Jang Young Ran This is my first time performing on this type of variety program [Can't stand it] I feel like I'm watching a home shopping program How can you find a home shopping program on this channel Can't stand what she's doing I will do my best [Refusing to bow down to pressure...] I am vitamin! ♪Long live the young girl warrior♪ Ah...Yoon Eun Hye sshi [Yoon Eun Hye, the returning young girl warrior] Yoon Eun Hye sshi, you are finally back I heard you went to Australia for some public performance Did you think about us when you were over there? I was only thinking of Jae Suk oppa [shy] [shy] Last time you were with Choo Ja Hyun But romance is making up for each other The would one is strong would like the one who is weaker I'm also like this So it's because of this, that's why Kang Ho Dong like Nam Sang Mi right? The vitamin of my soul [Sang Mi?!] [Ho Dong venting his frustration on Miss Shin] Why are you out when it's not your turn yet, Shin Jung Hwan sshi? [ridiculous] [ridiculous] Hasn't reached his turn yet and he comes out still Shin Jung Hwan sshi Shin Na Go He did a CD single with Go Youn Ha Yes I will now announce to everybody Kim Jae Dong, Yoo Jae Suk, Kang Ho Dong appeared in the Shin Na Go Music Video We'll now show it to everyone This is the re-enactment of what we did in the music video [Anticipate] [Anticipate] Ji Sang Ryul is also in it ♪Shin Na Go Shin Na Go♪ ♪Shin Na Go Shin Na Go♪ That was the only bit we filmed That was everything [Can't be, just this?!] [Let's verify it now~!!] [The 3 MCs plus Ji Sang Ryul] ♪Shin Na Go Shin Na Go♪ ♪Shin Na Go Shin Na Go♪ ♪Shin Na Go Shin Na Go♪ ♪Shin Na Go Shin Na Go♪ [Overexaggerated King!! Kang Ho Dong] We just filmed that little part [Really just that only?!] He is finally back He has returned to our sight with a brand new solo album It has really been a long wait Our Lee Seung Gi sshi [Long wait for him, Lee Seung Gi] Even if Kim Jong Kook sshi has also released a new album, please wait for your turn [My first time on a variety show after 3 long years...] This is really a coincidence that our Lee Seung Gi today I'm really sorry, I didn't mean for things to turn out this way I'm really sorry Kimg Jong Kook sshi [MC Yoo making fun of people again...] Get away, this is really! Could it be you forgotten his name? It's not like that [Hurt] [Hurt] Yoo Jae Suk sshi, you are dead this time! Oh.. You are really finished [MC Yoo dares to antagonize muscle man?] We have two gym personnel here [Two gym personnel~?!] New album soloist plus his sweet soothing voice Our Kim Jong Kook sshi [His comeback after 3 years] [Heavenly vocals, Kim Jong Kook] Kim Jong Kook, you have really made us wait a long wait Your album song for this album is "Feeling" The meaning is feeling [Title song "Feeling"] Before you introduce yourself, please sing us a part from your song "Feeling" [Demo of Kim Jong Kook's title song, "Feeling"...] [Undiminished heavenly vocals, Kim Jong Kook] [Over] [Over] What kind of vocals is that! Can't you be rougher, use your lungs This is Kim Jong Kook sshi's trademark vocals after all That's a fact, no one can imitate Kim Jong Kook's vocals I had been to a place for vacation before and while I was sleeping The mosquitoes kept on buzzing non-stop I thought it must be mosquitoes, but I realized it was something else when I switched on the lights Someone was playing a cassette tape not too far away from me [A cassette tape of Kim Jong Kook singing "December", a song from his Turbo days...] [MC Yoo is so bold~!!] [I will tolerate you this one time?!] The voice from afar There's someone else with incredible credentials who's here today The main actor from the movie "Spin Kick" [Spin Kick Hero-Kim Dong Wan] Do you have scenes from the movie that requires you to do spin, kicks, or other related stuff? Yes Can you show us a scene from the movie to that for us here? I would require a trainer [A trainer?!] Yoo Jae Suk [Trainer-Yoo Jae Suk] Has it already began? MC Yoo let us see your capacity X-man I choose impossible It's not that, I'm just getting a taste of what Dong Wan's kick is like only [Dong Wan's spin kick demostration] [Jae Dong, seeking revenge for his brother...] [But...] This fella! [The 3 MCs falling like leaves] Are you that weak? [Embarrased~] Don't laugh, Sang Mi! [Ridiculous] Following Kim Dong Wang sshi Our Kim Jong Min sshi There are guests today who are appearing for the first time As an experienced person, is there any advice you can dish out? [Professor Kim advice for X-man newbies] Yes Happiness... Jong Min's famous quotes are beginning again We better take note and write it down Happiness does not belong to those who are smiling Laughter doesn't belong to those who are living in happiness Happiness belongs to those who are smiling themselves In addition It hasn't ended yet, hasn't ended If you smile two times, then the camera would then focus on you two times Queen of the game "Of Course", the game can't be without her Lee Jin Hyun sshi Have you prepared anything special for today's "Of Course" game? I would like to have a game with Jae Suk oppa [Choosing MC Yoo surprisingly?] You just accept two attacks from her then Is this for real? Yes, two attacks Just one attack ok [Two is a bit too much, just one will do] Praying mantis is your rival right? [Stunned~!!] [Praying mantis is your rival?!] [The grasshopper falls immediately] [The woman beside MC Yoo, Yoon Eun Hye~] What kind of mood will Lee Ji Hyun be in for today's recording? I will do my best [Full of apologies] I hope you will do your best also [The grasshopper becoming the praying mantis] We welcome you to the show, Nam Sang Mi sshi Hello everybody [Pure like white jade beauty, Nam Sang Mi] Someone had requested before the show that during the interview with Nam Sang Mi He wanted the environment to be quiet so that he could hear Nam Sang Mi speaking clearly Is that person Kang Ho Dong? It's a certain Mr. K Regarding his concern towards you, what's your take on that? [Hesitant] [Hesitant] [Embarrassment] I don't quite get it [Rejection] She said she doesn't quite get it If she said that on TV, it means she hates him a lot in reality As far as I know, Kang Ho Dong and Nam Sang Mi sshi's parent's ages are pretty close to each others [Acknowledgment] [Acknowledgment] Nam Sang Mi sshi's parents must be very nervous now [Fatal words] Shin Jung Hwan sshi Shin Jung Hwan sshi Kang Ho Dong is already knocked down before the start of the show [Heartsick] He can already be their in-laws already, their ages The people from Nam Sang Mi's family must be really worried It's time to introduce him [Final guest] When we introduce other guests I have been noticing the reactions of this person Although he doesn't show it, he normally remembers them in his heart But when we ask him about it, he always says "it's alright" [X-man Mr. Gong] Then when it's time for him to implode He'll really implode [X-man] [X-man] Many people have been noticing him, Chun Jung Myung sshi! Our Chun Jung Myung, a very narrow-minded person Jang Young Ran sshi, Oliver and the other female guests are particularly concerned about him He's really handsome What's so charismatic about Chun Jung Myung sshi? Oh...his sparkling eyes Are you a bit happier after hearing that? A little Our celebration, our party Dance Stage! Let's start with Oliver! Oh...Yeah! ♪Britney Spear's Toxic♪ Oliver! [Sexy lady of 2004, Oliver] [No limits, sexy power] [Gets a shock!!] Next person, Jang Young Ran sshi! [Dong Wan and Jong Kook worried about when it's turn] [Adorable vitamin, Young Ran] [Taking off her shoes first] [Unsuccessful at the split] [Nevertheless, still bubbly~] [The bubbly girl feels that the stage's too small] [Cute] [Cute] Next person, Kim Jong Min sshi! Yeah...oh...Kim Jong Min sshi....oh [Jong Min, your dance today's very suave?] [Jong Min's break dancing] [Wobble] [Wobble] [But a thrilling finish!] Next person, Yoon Eun Hye sshi! [Cute young girl warrior, Yoon Eun Hye] Oh...Yoon Eun Hye sshi...oh [Mighty strength, but sexy dance also] [Can you imitate that?] Next person, Lee Jin Hyun sshi! [Change of music] [Ji Hyun seems to have something prepared...] [Unusual dance steps] dance trend...ah [New dance trend] dance trend...ah [Giving it her all, Ji Hyun's special dance] [Everyone is stunned~] Again, again, one more time [The old bachelors want to learn her dance] [Queen of Dance, Lee Ji Hyun] [As long as she's dancing, it can be called a dance] [Ji Hyun's dance! Really full of anticipation!] How do you dance this again? I want to dance too Next person, Kim Jong Kook sshi! [Worry] [Worry] [Dong Wan also joining him] [A warm up dance by the two personnel] [A dance that only muscle men can dance!] Ah..Kim Jong Kook sshi...ah...yeah [Full of chemistry, these two muscle men] These two people are working together very well, full of chemistry, impressive Next person, Chun Jung Myung! [The female guests are extra passionate] [Wanting to give his fans something in return...] [Jung Myung's trademark dance] [Bonus, the shaking off the dust dance] [And plus, companion action~!!] Next person, Nam Sang Mi sshi! [The one that Mr. K likes, Nam Sang Mi] [Cute] [Cute] [Mr. K can't keep his mouth shut] [Pure, innocent] [Mr. K. with a love dance in return] Ah... Last person, Shin Jung Hwan! [Comic dance stepfather, Shin Jung Hwan] [The newly invented shake dance!] More energetic, a little bit more energetic! [Shin Jung Hwan's main skill, the vibrating dance] It's numb! It's numb! A little bit more energetic! Kang Team: Kang Captain Kang Ho Dong, Shin Jung Hwan, Chun Jung Myung, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Jin Hyun, Nam Sang Mi, Jung Da Hye Kim Team: Kim Captain Kim Jae Dong, Kim Jong Kook, Kim Dong Wan, Kim Jong Min, Yoon Eun Hye, Oliver, Jang Young Ran Let's choose episode 37's X-man Uh...starting from Kang Ho Dong sshi Everyone, in this episode, please don't be careless Here, there’ll definitely be some expression changes Everyone, please pay attention and observe I’m Kang Ho Dong Hello, I’m Mission PD Are you X-man? Ahh! [A loud shout from Mr. K Is it possible that he’s the X-man?!] Are you X-man? [Jung Hwan’s clam expression is different from his usual expression?] [Is it possible that the mission is going to be given to the calm beauty?] Yes [What does Da Hye’s confident reply mean?] [Smiling Angel Lee Seung Gi. Expressionless change because of?] [Full of self-confidence. Experience from being the previous X-man?] [Yoon Eun Hye, surprised after hearing instructions?] Why aren’t you choosing me? [The truth behind “why aren’t you choosing me”?] [After 3 years, returns to the entertainment industry. To X-man activities?] You won't regret it [Movie actor Kim Dong Wan acting??] What?! [Outstanding orchid Young Ran's disguise? Or is it real?] [Oliver, unable to talk clearly] [Has started without permission of the X-man?] Are you X-man? [Jae Dong should be X-man for once already…] [The ending action~] Episode 37's X-man selection has finished Now we will begin X-man's pursue and attack activities Now X-man has been identified Exactly who is the X-man amongst them? The following game is for the sake of bringing joy to everyone We especially prepared the "Horse Game" Before we start the Horse Game, we'll have a warm-up game Our new warm-up game [Pushing Sitting on Cushion] Let's invite MC Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye to give us a demostration You'll cross your legs while sitting on the stack of cushions Yeah... [Natural touch] Oh... [Awkward] [Embarrassed] The one who gets pushed down loses [I'm sorry] [I'm sorry] No, it's a misunderstanding [Misunderstanding??] [Doesn't look like it though...] It's really a misunderstanding Sang Mi, come over here Can we do it again? Let's hear who Kang Team's first player is [Agonized] [Agonized] Miss Nam Nam Sang Mi sshi [Kang Team, 1st player, Nam Sang Mi??] The era of F4's over It's over? We have a new group, K4 K4?? We have 4 people with last names starting with K Oh... [Kim Dong Wan, Kim Jong Min, Kim Jong Kook, and Kim Jae Dong] K4... Uh...K4, unified whole... Then who's K1? K1 is of course... K1, you come out and fight me [Burden] [Burden] K1 is of course our, Kim Jong Kook sshi Do you want me to start? His opponent's Nam Sang Mi sshi [Nam Sang Mi's opponent's Kim Jong Kook?] This fella! He said to me backstage... What'd he say? He said... Yes? Even though I like Nam Sang Mi sshi, but if she chooses others, I can still take it However... I definitely can't let her go to Kang Ho Dong sshi!! [Bitter rivals!!] [2 guys revolving around a woman] Come to think of it... Sang Mi sshi hasn't even said a word, why are you guys assuming this and that? Kang Ho Dong sshi, you come out and play against me [Jong Kook, laying down a challenge to Ho Dong!!] So Kim Jong Kook sshi, are you saying that you want to battle Kang Ho Dong sshi? [A main event ability 1st round??] Oh... We'll still send out Nam Sang Mi sshi for the first round nevertheless But whoever beats Nam Sang Mi sshi... I'll avenge her Nam Sang Mi sshi versus Kim Jong Kook sshi [A ridiculous match-up!!] [Perfect beauty Nam Sang Mi vs Kim Jong Kook muscle man] [The battle of strength!!] Don't you have gloves? Gloves? [Ho Dong doesn't want Sang Mi to have any bodily contact with Jong Kook...] Even though it's a small thing, feelings could still developed over this, which would be bad Love's unpredictable I want to ask her... What do you want to ask her? Do you like husky voices? Or do you like my type of voice instead? Oh... I prefer husky voices... [Disappointment...] [Satisfaction...] Nam Sang Mi sshi's very realistic Kim Jong Kook! Kim Jong Kook! [No matter how you view this showdown, it’s still very ridiculous] Kim Jong Kook has built up muscle over the several years...yeah... But he never thought it would be tested in such a situation [Red-faced] [Red-faced] Yes Look at this, they... Wait a minute When did the 2 of them become so nice to each other? [How could he do that to Sang Mi, the vitamin of my soul!!] [I'm sorry] [I didn't do anything...] [Since she fell herself, I can't blame Jong Kook for it] So Kim Jong Kook sshi wins to Nam Sang Mi sshi Uh...our Nam Sang Mi sshi... Uh...Amazing that Nam Sang Mi sshi lost to Kim Jong Kook sshi, congradulations [Doesn't seem to be a big deal?] Really congradulations! My first variety show after 3 years... It's very good to win your first game And actually beating Nam Sang Mi sshi Ah... Body-building for 3 years and beating Nam Sang Mi sshi on his return I also have a husky voice [Jong Kook, looks like he's very award of that remark] Our Kang Team! Are you ok? Yes Kang Ho Dong sshi! [I knew there'd be such a day] [Revenge for my love!!] [Just bring it!!] [Clash] It's Rambo versus Shrek Do you want to jab each other before starting? We're recording a program, not boxing Put a pose then, just like this, it's definitely going to be very handsome-looking. Uh, ok? [Uneasy] [Uneasy] I don't think there's point to this 1, 2, 3 [Embarrassment...] [Got fooled!] [Achievement] [Achievement] Do you want to make it more manly, yeah? [Nervous] [Shock!] Yeah...He just extended his hand, and you got so scared Yeah...this is the first time I've seen Kang Ho Dong sshi scared like this Ok, I'll listen to you, one more time [Confrontation] The person who doesn't strike out his palm loses Ah! Didn't you say that the person who doesn't strike out his palm loses? Didn't he strike out his palms? I was too righteous He did strike out, it was according to the rules 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Oh... [Confrontation, won by Ho Dong] Oh...everyone saw how helpless Kim Jong Kook sshi was Oh...yeah...oh... Kang Ho Dong sshi wins the game Yeah... Kim Team! [The showdown between the captains!] Forced because of extreme measures, to cause chaos in the game X-man, public recognition, violation king After the whistle's blown, then we start right? [Pretending to ask about the rules...] Ah... Worthy of being called violation king

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