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Sexual Exploitation of Divorced Women- Shaikh Fawzi Aal-Saif

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The third problem, which is a very big problem, which is unfortunately found in our societies is the problem of sexual exploitation. A divorced woman, in the view of some people, is a permissible sexual commodity. There’s that pervert who acts on the basis that since she is a divorced woman, she is like a house without a door that he can enter whenever Then there’s that non-pervert, who could even be religious, and this is what would flabbergast anyone, he takes advantage of her condition! Picture this: an employed woman under the management of [such a person] who is currently divorced. He begins looking at her not on the basis of her employment but rather on the basis she is divorced and now a “sexual commodity”. He begins tying her promotion and salary to sexual favors. Sometimes he subtly hints, sometimes he says it explicitly, sometimes he threatens! Something she would never have faced while married but all of a sudden now she has to endure it [Then there’s] some charitable organizations—as is told to us—who have someone that might have been helping this woman while she’s in financial difficulty. Before her divorce he would never speak about such an issue, However, once he finds out that she is divorced, he starts trying to take sexual advantage of her. Some of those who disguise themselves with the garbs of religion, even they start engaging in this issue! We say to all [of them], “Shame on you!” We say to all [of them], “Have some chivalry.” A man’s manliness depends on his chivalry. If one sees someone who has fallen, it's up to the man to go and lift him up, not to push him down further! In this type of sad situation, one cannot help but conjure up the [character of] hyenas—if you all watch the documentaries. The hyena has a particular trait that it doesn’t ever directly charge as in it always stays away from direct confrontation. A lion or lioness goes for its prey directly but the hyena isn’t like this. Rather, it waits for its prey to fall into a trap, get stuck, can’t move, and then it attacks it. Or it sees an injured animal on the ground and lunges at it to hurt it further. Or sometimes it even sees a corpse and goes for it. Those who engage in this type of sexual exploitation of women, they see them as having fallen on the ground [She's in] a difficult situation, where her life has turned her upside down. She’s in need of help, and as long as you are a man with your manliness you should be raising her from her quagmire. Rather than coming and planting a knife in her heart, Rather than being a hyena that sees her trapped and takes advantage of the situation to hurt her more.

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