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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~17:48:59 - 18:03:26

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Are you stalking me, hum?—The battery is about to finish. I need to change the battery. Hi, hi!—Hi. Hello, Algina!—Hi. Ooh, everything OK? Don't know now. Hey, Zé, everything OK? This thing is nice, isn't it? Hello!—What's up, Chico? —Hey, young man. [Inaudible] I'm singing the last one. — The very last one, last one. Where's Dona Araci? Well then, he said he didn't know how to play, look at him. Oh Maré, I'm tired now. Edin... do you wanna run, wanna play? Weekend, football? The mad team, the mad team. We'll check it later, then. See what happens then. We'll win seven-one, on the day, then. [Inaudible] [Inaudible] That's a documentary. A project that some guys are doing. It's called World Lives. There are ten people in the whole world. In the Latin America, it's me. It's something that will be shown all over the world and that keeps on changing. The idea is about what people are doing in the world today... Ten people from all over the world. [Inaudible] So bro, that idea hasn't worked out yet, hey bro. We'd better save money, right bro. To record that thing, one has to have money. It'd better save money, then it happens. I've talked to your dad yesterday, he's there. Your dad's over there. He said: " No if I have..." do any kind of singing..." Get it, he didn't know what to do. I said he didn't have to sing, he only has to come. [Inaudible] Four to what? Four-one, four-two? Has it finished already? What's up, Dona Ana? What's there for us to drink, then? What's there to drink?—Alright? Do you want to come in?—Hi?—Do you want to come inside or drink... No, I've gotta go. Actually I've got a gig at seven o'clock... In Tapecirica.—Really?— I just popped by. I went down to show him Du's fans at the capoeira. Then I've popped by here, Dona Ana, to have something to drink. I'll check the bill with you later, alright?—Alright. Are you going to drink something? So, this thing you don't really know what it's about... It's sort of a project by some guys I've met. It's called World Lives. There're ten people in the whole world. Ten people were chosen, to show how they live... How they are. So I was one of the chosen. And I'm representing Latin America. All the countries from Latin America.— The only thing I'd like to say... What I wish for myself... I wish for you. Right, all the happiness of the world, right? That you be happy... As you deserve it. Despite all you've been through, you and your family. You're inside here and deserve all the care of the world. I wish you all the happiness of the world.—Likewise. Everything you do, be granted by God. This is for the good of the community too.Representing the communities... The places of the world. The goal of me being down there... And to show this project, it's because it will be shown in the whole world. And to show what happens here. That there are good things too. It's not only about crime, killing, drugs. —For sure. Because we have to show that we are...— Hard-working people, right? —Right. We can and we have to show what we are. Show pretty things. Our district... It's a district that also deserves our care... Our support.—Certainly. I think you deserve all the support of the world. Great, Dona Ana. Anything then, it's only for us. Victory. Victory. Victory. [Inaudible] Some wine, it can be this Nara then, only one dash. How much is it Dona?—It's nothing. Alright. —More?—No. I also know how to gallop... I won't ever forget you... She's out, eh rat? You're not leaving without my hug, right? As you can't do that.—Dona Ana I just want to thank you. You know what I went through. You helped me a lot. Two crisis I had... One to take care of that boy's fatality... Taking care of the tuberculosis. You really came and helped me. I think we've got to remember good things now, wonderful things. If you...—Today I'm a lion, a warrior. If you've been through, for all you've been through... And today you're doing what you like... It's because God has granted something to your life. I hope this project is a good project, right. May God take it ahead. May God have something good for you. Certainly. I think the same. —For you and your family, right. Your family deserves it. Your mother, your father, deserve it. And you too. And you're always here. Be sure of it. I say the same to you. I just want to thank you, get it. —I know. You know what happened. So, I don't have to say anything. I've better go, Dona Ana.— Go on.—May God be with you. Good luck, right? Go with God. God bless you. Oh folks, don't you wanna drink anything? Don't you wanna drink something?—Later. — Thanks folks.—Bye, Dona.. And good luck to you, right?—Keep it up, Aldo. Keep it up, Betinho. You said it, Cid. Keep it up... You said it, uncle. Keep it up... You said it, Tabaco. I'm gonna do a gig now in Tapecerica. Right. Keep it up Dozinho, we'll catch up later. Oops.— You saaaa....—said it! Keep it up, keep it up. Hi, Branco. Hi, Graça, alright? [Inaudible] No, that's great. The capoeira was really cool down there. Bro, I didn't ask about Du. There wasn't time. So, did you finish it, did you manage to get it? We've got it, but you know, it's half past six. I'm coming down. I'm getting dressed, then. He's waiting for us, you'd better go soon. I'll get dressed. — I'd better go.— Thanks, Wellio. Thanks, Wellio. Go down, bro. —Relax.—See ya. I'll call you. Oh, within two weeks, we finish your thing and Dani's. Ok, great. —[Inaudibe]— Keep it up— Keep it up, Gringo. Keep it up, bro. Great. Parasoiaba, right?—Fuck... Hold on there, bro. I'll just get changed there. I'm coming down with Wellio— Where is it? What?—The address.— Of tonight's gig?—Yes. It's in Tapecirica da Sé, but I'm not sure, bro. Pedro knows more, mate. I've just got your home number. Have you got a cellphone? Speak up.—Seven, six,six, five. Hold on...uh, it's dead. Battery, right?—No idea... My life is singing...—You said it.— The cellphone is dead. Strange.—Do you want me to get paper at the house over there? I do. —Stay there. Easy there. I'll only put some clothes on, then. Where are you going to? Which way you going? Are you going east, or not? It's back. Speak up, speak up. —Seven, six, six, five.—Hold on. Eh, which way you going? —Seven, six...—Six, five... Nine, seven, twenty-eight. What way are you going? Ah, I'm going east. — Right, I'll only get changed and I 'll go down there, too. It's almost time for my gig too. [Inaudible] Hi, so has anyone called me, mum? No.—Hasn't Mica called me? No? No. Hey, my brother. I'm out.—Hi? I'm out. is it too cold? — For me it is, right bro. For me too. [Inaudible] [Inaudible] This is to have a shower, guy. I wasn't going to have one. Haven't you found it, then?—No. Are you crazy? Put the cd on. [Inaudible] Where have I put the sock I was going to wear, thief? [Inaudible] Turn it on, turn it on. —Wellington is calling you. Tell him to come in, Paulo. I'm looking for... He's here in the kitchen, bro. —Hold on then, Wellio. You know that cd?—Which one? That one of that sound...—The one I told you? Yes, will you lend it me?— Oops! Hold on, hold on, hold on... Let me only find my sock here. Let me put my sock on, then. [Inaudible] Hold on. What's up, Wellio? [Inaudible] There're lots, there's 'ra-ra-ra', there are loads... There's Rappa, Jorge Ben, Tim Maia. I won't let anyone record over, no. I'll keep it. —If you have that business of mp3... Download it on the computer and convert it to normal video. So you do as you like then.—You said it, neguinho. I'm out, then. Keep it up. Be with God, bro. —Thanks, eh, bro.—See ya. See ya, we'll go to that house later... See ya. Call me, then? Oh, Wellio, be with God. See ya. Thanks, bro.—Relax. You said it, guy. See ya. Where have I put the sock, now?

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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 16, 2008

Walks to a house for some drinks and plays guitar.

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