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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Alcohol - The Design of Alcohol Hi, this is the design of alcohol..communicating about alcohol. Now, I am explain, the consequences and effects of alcohol..on the human physical body.. together in relationship..with the mind consciousness system. (excuse me) The chemical structure of designed in such a way.. (now as a design of the chemical structure..of the alcohol). Because everything, in this world..has got a.. If you look at..the construct, or the structure thereof,'s got a structure. Now, this structure of alcohol..the design of the structure of alcohol.. is an exact..imprint of the design..of the mind consciousness system, within human beings. In other words, if a human beings consumes alcohol..especially alcohol in..great volumes. Which..inevitably leads to drunkenness. Now, the moment alcohol is consumed..what happens is that.. the design of the chemical structure of alcohol.. forms a relationship, with the design..of the structure of the mind consciousness system. Now these designs I am speaking very intricate. not able to be seen in this world, though able to see very clearly interdimensionally. it is interesting. so let's say you have the mind consciousness system placed within the human physical body Now it' a metal framework, ok? Those metal framework, is alongside, within and as your skeleton structure. Now what happens when the alcohol's consumed, it is interesting because interdimensionally.. it looks like, the mind consciousness system.. seeping up..the design structures of the alcohol..of the chemical structure of alcohol. So it's like these designs within the chemical structure of alcohol, that.. the mind consciousness system (seep) consumes, literally seeps it up. it like..the moment it touches the mind consciousness system..with, and now this is seen within the DNA structures..within the DNA structures.. it starts seeping in..through the DNA structures..into through, into the mind consciousness system. Now what, this the following: It enhances..the mind. It enhances, the structure.. that create thoughts, within your mind consciousness system. In other word, it amplifies your mind. it amplifies your emotions, and feelings and thoughts: tenfold. So therefore human beings become, 'addicted' to alcohol..or even become alcoholics. Because later what happens is the following: the more human beings consume alcohol.. the 'less' they have the ability to 'deal with their thoughts, emotions and feelings' Because the alcohol..represents 'a stand-in' if you want to call it that..and.. it actually amplifies thoughts, feelings and emotions.. the alcohol within your human physical body your mind.. and starts amplify, amplify and amplifying it. then you, the being inside the human physical body.. that powers and generates it's mind consciousness system, becomes suppressed, suppressed and suppressed even more. To the point almost do not even 'exist anymore'.. but only this mind consciousness system. and the more you drink, the more everything amplifies, later on.. the mind consciousness system doesn't know, even.. how to deal, with these thoughts, feelings and emotions because..over amplified..too much. and therefor more and more alcohol is drank, because.. you just can't..'deal with these thoughts emotions and feelings' and you become more and more and more suppressed, while the mind consciousness system becomes amplifying more. So what is the purpose of alcohol in the world? Amplify the mind consciousness that the human being as who you are, well..not human being, human beings is mind consciousness but the who you are of life essence, is suppressed and suppressed, even more. So how does programming in this world work? the exact same way. They..promote amplify your mind, because there are human beings in this world, 'that knows' how the mind works..of thoughts, feelings and emotions work. so that human beings 'don't stand up' within themselves, but are allowing themselves to be media. Simple. So, human beings..who are already part of the DestenI process. I would start with your process, do not consume alcohol, in anyway or whatever. It's not about a being a right or wrong, or good or bad. it's about who you are in this moment. Because if you have mind systems within you, in anyway whatsoever.. Alcohol..will affect you 'with consequences', that I wouldn't suggest. and us, interdimensional beings.. are also busy..making the 'pleasures' of alcohol, not so very pleasant for human beings any longer. Because it's not necessary to go through that, you know..even if you say: but what about a sip of alcohol? what about a glass of alcohol? I would'Nothing'. because what also happen is.. if you even take sips of alcohol..or even a glass of alcohol.. your mind consciousness system 'harbours' those chemical structures for a moment, until this build up enough, then it boost up..your mind consciousness systems.. suppresses you even 'further', and then you go more into the believe and idea.. that you are this mind consciousness system within you. Which you are therefor, a mind consciousness system amplifier and booster.. to suppress the essence of Life, that is you within you. So that you're not able, to stand up and say: this is who I am, I am Here. but make you further and further believe, that you are actually this mind consciousness system, to the point, where.. alcohol becomes apparently so much enjoyable and fun, you know what.. If you see drunk people, you're seeing systems.. mind consciousness systems actually having 'fun'..enjoying themselves apparently. Observe..go to a club or a bar. don't drink anything, and just observe human beings. You'll see systems in 'action'. Thank you very much. This is the design of alcohol. Please join us for Dicussion: For Interview Updates, Join: Beyond the Grave, DesteniProdDemons, on CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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