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I've got a sweet job in an amazing place! And what's really awesome is I'm the manager! Harley! What are you doing here? I heard about your job, I wanted to check it out. You know I have a thing for chocolate. So, how about some free samples? No way, Harley. Li-lac chocolates. Margaret? You sound awful I… I hope you feel better. Have some chicken soup. Bye. My employee called in sick. I had something special planned for my lunch break. If I'm the only one here, I can't leave the store! Let me help. I have great people skills. I don't know… Hire me for the day and I'll cover for you while you go on your lunch break… Well… Great. Now that I'm an employee, can I have free samples? Harley, no. You have to pay, just like the customers. I'd like a box of truffles, please. 5/8 hazelnut and 3/8 raspberry. Watch and learn. The bottom number shows how many pieces are in a whole box. The top number shows how many are hazelnut or raspberry. 5/8 hazelnut and 3/8 raspberry. Hi, may I have a box of truffles, please? 5/8 hazelnut, 2/8 raspberry, and 1/8 mocha. Harley, pay attention. Thank you. You're welcome. Why don't you take your lunch break now? Are you sure you can handle this by yourself? Of course! If you can do it, anybody can! What I mean is…since you're such a great teacher, I know what to do. Okay. Thanks, Harley. My pleasure. Hi, how are ya. I'd like to get a box of truffles 4/8 hazelnut, 3/8 mocha and 1/8 caramel. Thanks for covering for me, Harley. Hmmph! I just bought this box of truffles, and 4/8 are missing!!! There are only hazelnut truffles in this box!!! I also ordered 3/8 mocha and 1/8 caramel. I am so sorry. Of course, we'll replace the missing ones. Hmmph! Do you know how that happened? No idea. Hey Harley, I have some more chocolate for you You're fired!

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Posted by: josalmale on Aug 25, 2011


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