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Jacque Fresco - Seeking Approval, Invention, Formative Years

1 (1 Likes / 0 Dislikes) which these people are. But anyway, I learned very early, this is the major technique, not to seek public approval. This will put you down right away. When you work for the approval of others, you sacrifice what you would call creativity. You sacrifice original thinking. I used to make airplanes with swept back wings, mostly flying wings, when I was a kid. Own adapters, rotaty wings, I made all kind of strange airplanes. At first I took into friends, and they all said "Achk, they would never fly, you're a dreamer, you know?" And when I stop looking for approval from others, I began to make tremendous progress on the design development of unusual aircraft, particularly flying wings. In other words, if you seek the approval of others, they force you back in the rule; into the mold. You know, "It would never fly. What you know about aeronautics?" Do you follow me? So, stop seeking approval of others. But if others come to you with information, that is quite different, not approval. That is when come to me and said "Jacque, your recent model of airplanes tend to dive to the ground, is because your wings are too far back, move them forward" Thank you very much, I never thought of it, I couldn't thought of it. Because I didn't even know what the center of pressure or center of gravity was. You know? As a kid. So I felt that there was a substance called information, and other called 'ego' Ego is "I don't think your plane is going to fly, and mine will fly better than yours!" there was 'Ego' ... and talk about this. I don't want to. When I looked into aluminum extrusions of structural elements, I think the company makes the structural elements for make money, and supposed that you make a product of this extruded part, like this product, this was in the early days when the fear of smoking and the information on smoking was not available. So they designed a pipe track that would hold any any size or shape of pipe, and so the back end of the pipe track held book matches (?)to stop in there. And this help pipe cleaners, and since it was extruded and (?)adding dives, meaning you have all those set (?)firing surface, this could never wear out never break down, or would rot, or need varnishing, and that would be guaranteed forever. So I designed these products, sold them out right, so I can go back to my laboratory and work on what I wanted to work on. This was not on what I wanted to work on. This is what I had to do to enter a product that is not competitive. Most pipe tracks were made of wood, and varnish here, you know, and push, "I like the touch of wood", you know, that is all crap. Then I designed a unit for draftsman that would hold all that pencils, their triangles, so it didn't clean up their working space. And I told the aluminum company to give them to the draftsman free, to say "When designing, think of aluminum extrusions" And since it will be always in front of the draftsman, never wear out, always hold them right. It would do more for business. I would sell a lot of that. So they bought, I think 600-700 of extrusions (?)development for draftsman. They would be studying my product. So I told them all extrusion they turned out not money makers. You could make product, I said "Get them to install a department of extrusion design, to make thousands of products" They said "No, we are doing extrusion only for industry. We don't want to compete with them." Anyway, then I designed different types of instruments that would hold drafting materials, because I was in that field that time. And when you put it on a table, I put this lip underneath, so wouldn't slide down on the draftsman table. And I looked at wood, made at wood, and they all rotting away, and leading edge dented, and they dirty your drawing, because the rule is resting on your drawing, so I just put two resting points under there so, and also (?)because reaction with drawing, the ink wouldn't go under (?) capillary action, so up (?)this was boosted out of the paper and it's the only ruler you can pick up and hold and measure with It were difficult to pick up a rule. So I sold thousands of this and any other products outright, because I didn't want to be distracted from my work. And I go back to the laboratory, and unfortunately being a lousy business man, I expended my savings and whatever I earned for that equipment that I needed. And during the severe Depression, I did a play where I played 7 different people. And I won the RKO (?)Hermite when I was just about 14 years old. (Roxanne Meadows) (?)That forward... And RKO... I was about 14 years old then, the director of the program said "Do you want a prize, or do you want a job?" "I want a job." And I had no idea what the prize were, 30 bucks or 50 bucks? "You're a good kid, here is 3 bucks" I never got a job. So that was RKO! I went home, and said "They gave me 3 dollars. And I gave it to the family, you know? But I learned about corruption as a kid during the Depression. (Roxanne Meadows) Would you say that again, do you think that would...(?)[Inaudible] Yes. I learned about corruption as a kid, and another problem that helped me, was was when a shoe store went out of business, and there was a lot of boxes, the door was open, and so I went in, (no shoes just boxes) I built cities with the boxes, different buildings with architecture, I was making cities with shoe boxes, and it looked great to me, and the policeman came in, and said you are in private property and whacked the shit out of my hands, really hard, then he called for my father, and said "Your son has criminal tendency. And he said "What he do?" He went to this store and he is moving things around And he said "He is just a kid, he is just playing. "No, no, you got to watch out, those criminal tendencies start really early!" And I heard that clearly, and my image of the policeman went down one point, you know? then... And I went to synagogues, I went to different kinds of churches and when I went to a place where they had a, the (??)behind world fit, and that sounded more reasonable, more humane, and then I went to another Church called the 'Unitarian Church' and that sounded more humane, and more concerned with questioning things, and they didn't ridicule you. And attending one religious group, when the minister said "Nature was so wonderful" Oh he said that? "The rains makes the plants grow" and when you consider all those things, you see a pattern that makes sense. So then I said then "Why does it rain sea, if the rain is made so plants grow? And he had me hold down both of hands, and he whacked me really hard, and I told him he was a stupid individual I didn't think think he reflected religion I think he reflected his own shallowness and he might be embarrassed by the question, particularly in a class. I didn't do it to be a smart alec way, I did it in terms of wanting to know (?)why purpose was raining on the sea so make your points that caused me to question many things and I began to question almost everything. And that is when mothers, would see me coming down the street, and pull their kids in their house. Because that was a bad influence on the kid. And I tried to get them to be what might call today free thinker, checking things, even the things that I believed in; family values all those things. I didn't know enough about anything to make an appropriate decision. What I knew was a science offered more explanations that makes sense any other system. (Interviewer) And regarding what about a...

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Jacque talks about seeking approval, invention and innovation, products he designed to support himself, and things that happened during his youth that helped shape his values.

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