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Example: Image Effects

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One of my favorite features of Scratch is the way it can manipulate images and all sorts of special effects It's something nice to start with a photograph of yourself. So, let me grab a picture of myself I'll start out by using the scissors to get rid of the cat. I'll create a new sprite with an image of myself That's a lot too big, let me shrink it a little bit. To apply special effects I can go to the "Looks" category and here is the "change special effects" block. There is a pull down menu with all sort of different special effects. I'm reaching "whirl", that's my favorite. Now when I click on it and it whirls my photograph. So it twists my face in a lots of different ways. But, actually, what I really want is I want to make it interactive. So, when I move the mouse around it will whirl in different ways, based on where my mouse is. So, to do that, I need to pull out a "forever" block because I want to keep on changing the ways it is whirling. I go back to "Looks" and I'll say I want it "forever", "set" the "whirl effect" based on the mouse x position, whether the mouse is to the left or to the right. So, If I'll doubleclick on that I'll have an interactive whirling machine now. If I move the mouse to the right, it goes one way. If I move to the other way it twists just my face the other way. So, whirl is one thing you could do. Let's say I want to turn my face in different colors as well. So, let's make to do that when I move the mouse up and down in the y direction. So, I pull out the "mouse y" block, go back to the "Looks" category, and I want to "set" the "color effect" based on the mouse y position. And there I have it: as I move the mouse up and down it changes the color moving left and right is still whirling my face. As I move it to the angle is still changing them both. So, there are all sort of special effects that you can try out. You should try the other ones in the pull down menu. Try with different photographs, different illustrations. They have all have different effects. You can make an image start to dance by whirling it. Or you can make something look like is breathing by trying a "fisheye" lens. Or to transition between different images by using "pixelate". There's a lot of things to explore, to see how you can integrate special effects into whatever you are doing in Scratch

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Posted by: s_federici on Jun 20, 2008

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