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9 Jerusalem- 4000 Years in 5 Minutes

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Jerusalem a mosaic of different people's faiths and nationalities. Nevertheless, despite this diversity under the sovereignty of this road Jerusalem is a city that works. But has it always been this way? The first historical mention of Jerusalem is in the Bible. In the era of the Patriarchs, King David declares Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Known from that point on also as Zion. His son King Solomon builds the First Temple. But the temple is destroyed by the Babylonians and Jews are exiled. King Cyrus' s declaration enables the Jews to return, and rebuilt the temple. Alexander the great's conquest includes Jerusalem, However, his successes desecrate the temple. Which leads to the Maccabees revolt against the Greek's imposition of Hellenism. The Roman empire seizes control. And King Herod renovates the temple. A large scale revolt against a corrupt and vicious Roman reign evades. The second temple is destroyed and the Jews are banned from Jerusalem. 60 years passed, and Bar Kokhba leads another revolt for the freedom of Jerusalem. But it fails, after 3 years of battle. Jews are banned from the city renamed by the Romans "Aelia Capitolina" in order to eradicate its Jewish heritage. Roman emperor constantly converts to Christianity, and reinforces the ban on Jews enter in Jerusalem. A new religion, Islam sweeps through the middle east. Non-Muslims are declared second class citizens. Crusaders conquered Jerusalem, in blood bath of the Jews and Muslims. 2 thousand Jews are burnt alive in main Synagogue, and the city is depopulated with its previous inhabitants. The first organised mass Jewish returned arise from France and England. The Mamelukes defeat the Christian kingdom of Jerusalem, and building and renovating the synagogues and churches is banned. The great miss*** commentator Rabbi Ovadia bought in Europe settles in Jerusalem. The Ottoman Empire takes over imposing restrictions on Jews and Christians, and Sultan Suleiman rebuilds the walls. But as the empire declines, Jerusalem is badly neglected still the Jewish people stream back build new neighborhoods and re-established their majority by 1863. World War 1 breaks out. The Ottoman Empire collapses and makes root for a new middle east. The British foreign secretary, Arthur James Balfour declares the establishment of a National home for the Jewish people, They did receive a mandate to create a Jewish homeland but forbids Jews from blowing the shofar or reading holy scrolls at the western wall. Thousands of Muslims are in-sighted to unleash an attack against choosing Jerusalem and have ****. 86 Jews were brutally murdered, hundreds are wounded. UN Resolution 181, declares Jerusalem as a Corpus Separatum, a separate entity. The Jewish status declared as Jerusalem is put on the siege, conquered and divided. 58 synagogues are destroyed or desecrated. Harsh limitations are imposed on Jews and Christians for 19 years. The six day war Jerusalem is reunited and freedom and equality are restored. Throughout history only Israel has protected the freedom of all peoples and faiths in Jerusalem.

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9 Jerusalem- 4000 Years in 5 Minutes

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