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Edurne Pasaban - Afán de superación

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What does eagerness to improvement mean? The fact that we are able to learn... ....and that we are capable to do it better and better. To do 14 mountains of 8 thousand meters in the Himalayas I did 26 expeditions which means that a few times, many times, I returned from the expeditions without having reached the top. Without having reached the peak. Those times that did not reach the top, at the airport, no one was expecting you. Instead, the days that you reached the top, those expeditions that were successful and you reached the top of 8 thousand meters, at the airport everyone was always waiting for you all media, all the sponsors, all the people who followed you. Obviously when I did not reach the top there was no one waiting for me. Surely those expeditions that I had not reached the summit had been more difficult than those that had been successful. But when I returned from those expeditions that I had not reached the top, I had to have the ability to say: "What can I change and improve for the next time?" We are living difficult times, uncertain times. When I came back from that 8 thousand, I had to look in the mirror and say: "I have to move on. I must climb the 14 8 thousand." And this one that I have not reached is inside the list to finish 14." So I have to go back next time to try. And next time I come back to this top, Annapurna, for example, it took me three tries. It said: "Or I change something or if not, I won't go up." That is the eagerness to improvement. It is wanting to do it better and better.

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Posted by: wobi on Apr 7, 2021

Edurne Pasaban - Afán de superación

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