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Detailed leacrtue on Sufism by Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi part 7/8

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They are ‘one’ by their tongue but they are not ‘one’ from hearts. There is Satan in their hearts and what does Satan do? It makes a brother quarrel/fight with another brother; it makes a husband quarrel with his wife. They do not acknowledge each other as a Muslim with their hearts; they call each other infidels. When your hearts would recite Kalima; then, they will be one by their tongues and they will also be one in their hearts. Now, the Satan knows that a person can reach this level. It (Satan) has an army of (Jinns) Genie/evil spirits, commands them “go and ruin him, destroy him, do whatever you can; this Allah should not enter within him, otherwise he will slip away. You don't have even one (Jinn) Genie to combat them. Don't have even one (Jin) Genie to combat them. Then, from where one gets permission; Allah gives them also the Compassionate (Rehmani) Army. As soon as that Satan's army attacks you; this Compassionate Army attacks on them (satans). That Compassionate Army will accompany you until Allah - 'The Compassionate' is not got up inside you. Then, one doesn't remain only Man; becomes the Man giver. Doesn’t remain poor, becomes the Poor giver. There will be many people whose Spiritual guide (Kamil Murshid) will be perfect. There will also be many people who will be entrapped just for nothing. Every Spiritual guide (Murshid) considers himself to be a perfect one. The one (disciple) take bait (Oath of Allegiance) from someone, he bait from him by considering him to be a perfect one. If really he is perfect, then he is may be of any nature; his spiritual guide will himself will purify him, but if he not a perfect one then your life has been deteriorating. Now it is necessary that you should know about your spiritual guide that either he is perfect one or not. There should be confirmation. Now, there is a goldsmith. He goes to buy gold. He doesn’t lose. He has a touchstone. When this Allah-Allah will begin inside you Allah-Allah will begin inside your heart, the heartbeats will call Allah-Allah. Allah-Allah will form Light/noor. You may go to Bari Imam There is also Allah; here is also Allah (within you). When clouds collide with each other, thundering is also produced. Here is also Allah; there is also Allah (within you). Allah Allah will collide with each other throbbing/quivering (riqqat) will be produced, Dhikr/chanting of heart will become more faster. You will understand! This is a spiritual man. Then further you may go to Data Sahib. There is also Allah; here is also Allah (within you). Then rumbling sound is being produced in your chest then you will quiver, then you’ll understand that there is some perfect saint. Then go to your spiritual guide. The state you felt at Data Sahib and Bari Imam, if the same happens again while being with your spiritual guide then it would be good enough. This is your good luck. If you go to him repeatedly. Time and again going to him and still you feel nothing then it means that there is nothing. Your life is being ruining. It is necessary that you should first obtain a touchstone; then, you should depart for their search. Then, whenever you will find someone, you will found a perfect Spiritual Guide (Kamil Murshid). Sakhi Sultan Bahu said “search, search even if you are vanished, your entire house will be vanish, just few moments before death if you achieve this thing it would be a very cheap deal”. Whenever you will go, you will go there with the wealth of faith. Once ‘Allah’ will be written on your heart, then you will go with faith. For this we make you neither our disciple nor ask any gifts/oblations. We will protect you until those Holy spirits do not get awakened inside you. Then wherever you find a perfect one, you can make bait (Oath of Allegiance) by going to him. Wherever it is seen, whoever then you will find, he would be true one. These Chishti, Naqashbandi, Qadri, Suharwardi these are chains. But some of our people hold belief like this that they say our grandfather was a Chishti, our father was also Chishti I’m a Chishti, too and my son is also Chishti. Why should we leave Chishtis? This is what you say; isn't it? But the secret is this that these are four vehicles. Earlier there were nine vehicles out of them five got punctured. Now, four left behind. Now, out of these four another one has been cut off. Suharwardi has also been cut off; they have limited themselves in the Praises of Prophet [PBUH]. They have left commemoration/dhikr. Now, these vehicles are start --- sometimes the vehicle of Chishtis gets start sometimes the vehicle of Naqashbandis gets start, and sometimes the vehicle of Qadris gets start One after the other these do not simultaneously. These go towards Allah turn by turn. If you have a wish to reach Allah then sit in any vehicle which is start. All of these are sent by God --- these have been sent for you ---they proceed turn by turn. Sit in any vehicle which is start position, it is not offense. Yes! If your vehicle is moving position, then tries to take off, then that is an offense. If someone’s heart is chanting Allah-Allah, he doesn’t need to get permission. His Murshid/guide was a perfect one. That is why Allah-Allah has begun in his heart. If there is no Allah-Allah inside anybody, it means his vehicle has not proceeded. Then, he should come and sit in the vehicle. The greed which we have from you, one/single greed we have. We’ve come here with our own expense and we will go with our own expense. Then, why we go place to place even we go up to Europe. We have a little greed. Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] also had that greed. For this reason Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] has also been said to be ‘avaricious’. People ask that why it has been said Prophet (PBUH) avaricious? Now, see either you go to Allah or in Hell or in Paradise; we don’t bother it? What we have wished to achieve have already accomplished. Just like the ‘vehicle’ belongs to someone, buyer is someone else and seller is someone else, agent works as a middleman in between. The agent convinces one party, and then he convinces the other party. He convinces the both parties. The vehicle doesn’t belong to him. He talks to one party and wretched man talks to another party. Don’t know how many hours he spends. When the ‘vehicle’ is sold, he gets commission from this side and he gets commission from that side. Same is our situation. Now, we are convincing you, and then we will convince Him (Allah). Once chanting of Allah-Allah will begin. We will get a commission for it. He will give us, and we will get your commission too. This is the greed we have. Our ranks increase with this Allah-Allah. Because the zikr you will do, whoever taught you will get double (two times) reward and the one who taught him will get four times (rewards) and the one who taught him will get eight times (rewards). It goes up to ten times. Now, what I have talked yet, if anybody has an objection on it, he can ask. Anything which I have talked and one could not understand it and if have any objection he can ask. After that take Zikr (commemoration) and test your luck. Soon, we will pray (dua) for what we will pray, it is possible that God will fulfill it. Needs never became fulfilled. Then what will you do? God says “remember me and I will remember you” (FazkoRuni Azkurkum). When chanting of Allah-Allah will begin within you, not with tongue but with heart. Once Allah-Allah will start, the access of this heart the access of the tongue is to America while the access of the heart is to Arsh-e-Mo’alla (Throne of God) and once your Allah-Allah will start resonating at Arsh-e-Mo’alla. You will not go there, your voice will do go there ‘Allah – Allah’. Allah himself will hear this voice everyday. Now, He says “remember me and I will remember you”. Everyone is chanting Allah-Allah. Will He call by pronouncing your names one by one? No.

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Posted by: theallfaith on May 10, 2010 This address was delivered by His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in Azad Kashmir (Pakistan).

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