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TROM: 2B-A - Ideas and Situations - Profit (2.0)

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[Documents /Educational system/Work] Entering in to the monetary system means that you accept its values, imposed on us through documents, have followed or follow an inefficient educational system. An educational system designed to prepare you for a job. And you probably have a job that, by its nature, gives a very poor realty?? to the real motivation of a human being, the purpose of the job, not the motivation of money. Now that you are part of the monetary system, let's analyze these ideas and situations that are created or perpetuated by it. [ 1. Requirements 2.Ideas/Situations created/Perpetuated 3.Questions/The collapse] PROFIT Profit is part of of the monetary system and leads instinctively to selfishness, which means that human species is evolving as an individual and not as a species. I need a man who has powerful friends. I need a million dollars in cash. I need, Don Corleone, those politicians you are carrying in your pocket. Like so many nickles and dimes. What is the interest for my family? 30% And the first year your rent should be 3-4 million dollars. And then it would go up. And what is the interest for the Tattaglia family? The compliments. I'll take care of the Tattaglias. Out of my share. So, I receive 30% influence and legal protection, that's what you are telling me? That's right. They don't need to go there and study the people. Just take a photograph. A photograph of New York City, Chicago, LA, any city, shows every building in different size, which means every man for himself. Which means it's a selfish, self-centered culture. I don't need to ask what people like in Chicago. I know by looking at the city and the fact that they tolerate what exists. You can't live to yourself, is the message I'm talking about. We don't take care of everybody, including ourselves. We cannot build the world free of law, poverty and hunger. It's been said in religion all these things but they did not know how to obtain it. They thought if only people would be descent and fairŠ» They can't in a competitive world.

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Posted by: ltiofficial on Sep 25, 2011

Description : TROM represents the biggest documentary ever created, but, also the only one that tries to analyse everything : from science to monetary system and real solutions to improve everyone's life. A new and real way to look about the world. " Before the Big-Bang, till present, and beyond."

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