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C7L7: Transition Off the Chip

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The transition off the chip or the block is a play that is just not used enough and it is such a great play to change things up or come in on a second serve or a short second serve and no one really did it better than Sampras. Watch here on the backhand how he criss crosses with that back foot and this allows him to stay at the 45 to stay lined up. The back foot and the back hand allow him to move through it while staying lined up. Remember as you go into that one handed chip you slip that back foot behind you and you continue running with that karaoke step. Then of course a beautiful blocked volley at the 45 look at that left hand stretch out, no one did it, no one did better than he did. On the forehand as well, here is his gallup, split step one two and now he is right at the 45 pretty much stays there and just shoves his racket right down the line of the 45 degree angle hardly comes forward at all. He is just very solid and stable at at the contact. He criss crosses that foot behind him see that so he couldn't run through that shot like he did on the backhand because he could take a step behind him which means he was still moving. On the forehand he just kept very still and stretched out into the 45 degree angle then made the pretty volley. Stosur does a pretty nice job here as well but you can see some differences like here she doesn't step behind see this she doesn't step behind which means she has to stop for a moment right there while she has to finish the shot. She can't walk through the shot with her left foot behind her. She stops she does a little hop and then she continues to the net. So that works but you don't get in there quite as quickly as the way Sampras did it and Federer often does it. Now let me show you a couple of things that can go wrong these aren't the worst chip approach shots. This is Isner but watch this here he takes it a little in front of him you see that a little ahead of the 45 degree angle. He is trying to keep his body at the 45 but that ball is definitely in front of him so his left side opens up a little bit too much see he is facing the net. The ball falls right in the center of the court he couldn't aim it as well. All of a sudden he is kind of like Roddick against Federer he just becomes a target out there. This guy is like go down the line or cross court ok cross court. That is a problem taking the ball too early and a lot of players do it. Here is Ryan Harrison same thing not a bad approach but a little too early, see he is a little off balance ball is in front of the 45 and its not a nice line up. You can see he is bending at the waist so as he continues his left foot and left hand make matters worse by coming around see that he is really starting to face the net. So from this point he really didn't hit a great chip approach shot. Once again the ball falls in the center of the court cause he can't aim it and bam passed. A poor approach shot really is a tactical error and it provides target practice for your opponent. So make sure you sneak off to the inside of these short balls when you are going for that transition chip. So you can line up that shot. Then if you are going to move make sure you are lined up to that 45 degree angle.

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Coming in off the chip is an art - a science.

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