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The Venus Project Part 2

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And what about transportation The prevailing means of transportation in our societies is by automobile and and aircraft, both of which predominately need fossil fuels to run. In the case of the automobile the battery technology needed to power an electric car that can go over 100 miles an hour (160 km/hour) for over 200 miles (320 km) on one charge exists and has existed for many years. However due to battery patents controlled by the oil industry which limits their availability to maintain market share coupled with political pressure from the energy industry the accessibility and affordability of this technology is limited. There is absolutely no reason other than pure corrupt profit interest that every single vehicle in the world can not be electric and utterly clean with zero need for gasoline. As far as airplanes it is time we realize that this means of travel is inefficient cumbersome, slow and causes far to much pollution This is a mag-lev train. It uses magnets for propulsion It is fully suspended by a magnetic field and requires less than 2% of the energy used for plane travel. The train has no wheels so nothing can wear out. The current maximum speed of versions of this technology as used in Japan is 361 miles per hour (577 km/h.) However this version of the technology is very dated An organization called ET3 which has connections with the Venus Project has established a two based mag-lev that can travel up to 4000 miles per hour (6,400 km/h) in a motionless frictionless tube which can go over land or under water Imagine going from L.A. to New York for an extended lunch break or from Washington D.C. to Beijing, China in 2 hours. This is the future of continental and intercontinental travel Fast, clean with only a fraction of the energy usage we use today for the same means. In fact between mag-lev technology advanced battery storage and geothermal energy there would be no reason to ever burn fossil fuels again and we can do this now if we were not held back by the paralyzing profit structure. Now America is inclined towards fascism It has a propensity by it's dominant philosophy and religion to uphold the fascist point of view. The American industry is essentially a fascist institution If you don't understand that the minute you punch that time clock you walk into a dictatorship. We are given notions about the respectability of work and I really look at it as being paid slavery. You are brought up to believe that you shall earn your living by the sweat of you brow that holds people back Freeing people from drudgery, repetitive jobs which make them ignorant You rob them In our society that is a resource based economy machines free people You see we can't imagine that because we have never known that kind of world. If we look back at history we see a very clear pattern of machine automation slowly replacing Human labour From the disappearance of the elevator man to the near full automation of a automobile production plant The fact is, as technology grows the need for humans in the work force will continually be diminished This creates a serious clash which proves the falseness of the monetary based labour system For human employment is in direct competition with technological development Therefor given the fundamental priority of profit by industry people through time will be continually laid off and replaced by machine. When any industry takes on a machine instead of shortening the workday they downsize, you loose your job So you have a right to fear machines. In a high technology resource based economy it is conservative to say that about 90% of all current occupations could be fazed out by machines freeing humans to live their life without servitude. For this is the point of technology itself And through time with nanotechnology and other highly advanced forms of science it is not far fetched to see how even complex medical procedures could be preformed by machines as well. And based on the pattern, with much higher success rates than humans get today The path is clear but our monetary based structure which requires labour for income, blocks this progress. The humans need jobs in order to survive. The bottom line is that this system must go or we will never be free and technology will be constantly paralyzed. We have machines that clean out sewers it frees a human being from doing that So look at machines as extensions of human performance. Further more many occupations today will have simply no basis to exist in a resource based economy Such as anything associated with the management of money, advertising, along with the legal system itself. For without money a great majority of the crimes that are committed today would never occur. Virtually all forms of crime are a consequence of the monetary system, either directly or by neurosis inflicted through financial depravation. Therefor laws themselves could eventually become extinct. Instead of putting up a sign: Drive carefully, slippery when wet! Put an abrasive in the highway so it is not slippery when wet. And if a person gets in a car and they are drunk and the car oscillates a great deal there is a little pendulum that swings up and back and that will pull the car over to the side not a law, a solution Put sonar and radar on automobiles so they can not hit one another Manmade laws are attempts to deal with occurring problems and not knowing how to solve them, they make a law In the United States the most privatized, capitalistic country on the planet it should come as no surprise that it also has the largest prison population in the world growing every year. Statistically most of these people are uneducated they come from poor, deprived societies and contrary to propaganda it is this environmental conditioning which lures them into criminal and violent behavior. However society looks the other way in regard to this point. The legal and prison systems are just more examples of how our society avoids examining the root causes of behavior. Billions are spent each year on prisons and police while only a fraction is spent on programs for poverty which is one of the most fundamental variables responsible for crime to begin with and as long as we have an economic system which prefers and in fact creates scarcity and depravation, crime will never go away.

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Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows talk about a resource based economy.

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