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Divine Inspiration Class #3 : Karen Berg on Transforming Laziness

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What does it mean when one extends themselves for the well-being of other people? Well, we know we can point at many peoples in the world and see how that works you know, classic example: Mother Teresa- saint in our days all she did all her life is share, and give, and give of herself but, we're all not saints most of us, are on the other hand of that scale so, what does it mean that one extends themselves? Basically, it's when we work in a charity, in a community, and we give our time, our services, our money to something that's hard for us to do now, for a lot of people that is easy you know, they live in a community so they come once or twice a week and they give their time and they're ok, there's no difficulties at home so they give themselves of charity this is not going beyond the point of when it's hard when I don't want to wake up in the morning and I don't want to sit down with a group of kids and sing some songs to some disabled kids or some community event in some district when I extend from where I don't want to extend anymore and it happens all the time I don't need to do this, I don't want to do that I don't want to share I don't want to have these people all over my house and sit down and talk to them about their problems I want to have time for me. But each time, when I say "I", each time we, each time one of us goes beyond that point of being comfortable, goes beyond that point of saying: "I've done enough". Everybody has their own level where that line ends, "I've done enough" Every time we extend beyond that that's when we truly get the merit because to do things within a framework that's where we do because we want to we do it because it's comfortable, we do it because we can has one level. Remember, that the light pushes in at the same momentum as we push out. So if we push out this much the tight comes back. But if we say: "I'm going out there, I'm going to coach that basketball team even though I can't get up I don't want to move myself or I'm going to go and extend myself to take a couple of kids out to a party or I'm going to give some kind of charity that I really didn't allow this month but I'm gonna give it anyway in the hopes that the creator will understand that what I'm giving is something that I can't afford to do but I'm going to extend myself. And when we push ourselves into that place of not being comfortable not being truly wanting to do something - that is the time when we turn on the lights. I'll give you an example: When you start to run you run and you run and you run then you feel tired but you keep going, and suddenly- something called serotonin creeps in and when that happens you get a whole new recharge. Our serotonin happens when we go beyond our own limit when we come that person that says "I don't want to do this" "I don't want to be there" "I don't want to have this happen" - and I'll do it anyway. That's the serotonin! And that serotonin, is life serotonin that's where you the energy from the creator.

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Karen Berg on Transforming Laziness

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