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Philippines - for Kim

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Hello good Morning, I am Marivel Pakalso, 33 years old and I live here at...3 Caloocan City, District 28 Philippines Come to our house so I can show it to you Welcome here is our little home this is my mother-in-law and nephew/nieces this is our home, our little store this is my baby, the one to be followed, Eldrin, 3 years old this is my husband, my husband Angelito, so basically he is 'One Tondo Band," a member and artist, too his means of living is printing t-shirts, that is his means of making a living this is one of his albums that was released about reproductive health about HIV and AIDS This is 'Sardines Philippines" about population and there are 10 songs here...10 songs right, oh! 20 songs about reproductive health Interviewer: Why is it "Sardines Philippines" Because it's over populated and the Philippines so it's 'Sardines Philippines" it's because crammed, like us here we only have a small space so we are like sardines here, then we're going to add another one so maybe they will sleep in the living area when the other one comes out (referring to the baby) Interviewer: Why is the MDP project important for you? The Millenium Development Goal is important to me because it has a large effect on our lives and for us who are from here Interviewer: How is it going to be a large effect on your life? Because it's a big change....the medical services...what was received before at least it's being received still Interviewer: Is Maternal Health or the service a big factor to reduce your poverty? That's a large effect and reproductive health when access is available that's the way to reduce the population then it's like there is spacing between parents and children, at least they can educate them (referring to children being educated) they can prepare for the entrance into schooling for the child then when they will give birth, well they can even save up because in one month, like each month they can save for what they will need oh my birth history with this one? when I was going to give birth...when I was still pregnant because at the hospital they will not accept your with prenatal check ups at least once with them (at that hospital) if you're going to give birth at that hospital so there (the hospital), prenatal already at the OPD, there are a lot of us in line maybe about 30 of us patients but we line up at six in the morning because the cut off is at 10 (I believe she is saying 10:00 am here), at about 30 only is accepted then when we were there waiting, we are waiting for the OB...the OB will check us when they called my name, 5 of us entered inside like the clinic, then the nurse said oh take off your undies 5 of us there lined up, then it's like trauma to us because when the doctor arrived and asked why are our undies taken off? we said, the nurse said to take off our undies so the doctor can do the IV (what does IV mean or did she mean IE?) good thing my clothing was long, so one couldn't see my vagina (puerta is like a mild slang...literally it means door) so the five of us are exposed there one could see it's like just spread your legs just like that it's like um, i felt cold because I took off my clothes just like that then they will even tell you "hurry up mrs.'s" fussy" with my mother...her history with the one after me, she gave birth at the hospital then so then...she was at one week, the hospital had discharged her, she noticed something smelly something smelly, her discharge it was smelling stinky then my father told her, she was stinky then on that day, she was supposed to go for a check up however she had a stomach started hurting, a tummy ache she thought it was blood that was going to come out when she goes to the CR (CR=Comfort Room, a nicer way of saying toilet) it's like something is protruding what she did, she pulled it, when she pulled it, a sanitary napkin was left behind still inside yea, maybe it was left behind by the hospital, because she was already dishchaged, and it had been a week, why was a sanitary napkin left behind in her vagina? when my mother was pregnant with me, it was OK, she was able to do pre-natal because of course, I was the first baby, then the relatives of my father were supportive, so she went for check ups and then she was there at the hospital Interviewer: So how many siblings are you? 4, I am the oldest Interviewer: But those siblings after you, were they able to follow through with the check ups and vitamins for the pregnancy? yes, check-ups still Interviewer: So you are receiving vitamins for pregnancy? ummm, yes Inteviewer: For example, for you do you have access to prenatal care, check up, and at the same time vitamins, that you take for your pregnancy? I receive those services for pregnancy, now from the Health Centers at the Centers, I receive services there like tetanus... I will transfer to SOTO for the prenatal check up because at the Center, they won't listen to the heart beat at SOTO, one can listen to the baby's hearbeat then you can really talk to the doctor, you can ask as many questions you will be answered, not in a rush like at the Center, "that's it here's your prescription..." "here's what you do" that's enough because there is someone after you. The doctor is rushing Interviewer: So what is your plan for your next birth? When I gave birth with my first one it was private (I think she means like a private or single room) was my first so we were able to really prepare to the fullest then with my second, i gave birth, supposedly like...., but when I was in labor my BP suddenly increased to 140 then when I was really there at the most active labor I was at 160 Interviewer: What medical care did you receive or was shown to you? when I gave birth the services I received at the hospital were good, their thing with me but when it came to the ward, one bed for three patients so what we did was the baby only get to lay down us mothers just sat down like this (she gestures with her head on her arms) 2 hours after (after giving birth) because we are next to someone already Interviwer: Were you happy with your experience? Not really Interviewer: Were you able to sleep there? Yes, like this on the bed the baby only is lying down Interviewer: 3 to one bed Yes We were hopefully going to do 4 but one person with us did not agree. We were already tight Interviewer: What is your plan for your next child? With this one...when I give birth hopefully at SOTO really at least somehow it's comfortable then you are attended by the doctor and a midwife Interviewer: What is SOTO? SOTO is Soul One Tondo Organization (need to get clarification on the acronym) it is, it is a NGO then for the pregnant, it's not...basically you are really well received like you are family, in heart not getting yelled at not like the Center where they yell at you, then like they discriminate you because like you don't, you don't have money, that's why you are there at the Center Interviewer: Please describe the areas of SOTO for giving birth SOTO, it's one, it's nice then, when you give birth, you are just one in the bed Interviewer: Not a threesome? Yea your bed while giving birth not like there at the hospital where there are lots of blood it's clean, it;s like...not like the hospital they transfer you and there's still blood the blood from another patient at SOTO really the underlayer is changed when they... Interviewer: Is SOTO Health Care big? somewhat, 3 bed capacity Interviewer: How will you go there from here your home? From...I will be able to go to SOTO from our house via tricycle I will walk first, cross the highway at the highway, I will take a tricycle Interviewer: How much will the fare be? 8 pesos for one if there is no money, will just walk Interviewer: Exercise? yes, that's 30 minus, you will walk, yea when you're not in a hurry but if you're in a hurry, it won't take you 30 minutes Interviewer: How is that, it's hot? then if it rains? that's the only thing when it rains, it's difficult because the streets flood here sometimes up to here, to the kneww sometimes above the knee, that's why sometimes (there is) styrofoam Interviewer: what is styrofoam? Styrofoam (I believe she is referring to something like a styrofoam cooler) you will ride in it yes, it will be made into a boat Interviewer: Oh my, isn't that dangerous? Not really, because there is bamboo underneath then a person will push Interviewer: how is that, the dirty water? there, the person will be submerged, you're there in the styrofoam Interviewer: Is there a discount for the pregnant? no...that's 20 pesos at case I give birth there, the one who will help me give birth there is the midwife, Ledeng (confirm name), she will help me give birth and the health workers on duty the midwife and doctors there are licensed and they attend seminars their...its updated, their skills the difference of my giving birth with before and now is hopefully now I am attended by birthing attendants at I don't have anything to worry about, that I will get yelled at by those health professionals the difference with my mother when she gave birth with me and today is well somewhat big because now, and before...that was the still the old style it's like, isn't it they spank the baby's behind then the immunization isn't given right away now when you give birth, they give right away the Hepa-B and the BCD (confirm this BCD) for the baby before you even leave in terms of giving birth? well it's more OK today because the doctors today are already skilled they (doctors) give birth fast, unlike before it's like it takes a long time before the baby comes out the labor takes a long time now there is SUERO (does she mean surgery or shots?), then it's like the labor is so fast it's like they induce when it's at 8cm Interviewer: You don't want 'massage'? oh! I don't like, many die from 'massage' yes, those who hemorrhaging, 'massage' was the way of they were giving birth. The child is OK but when it comes the placenta they aren't able to let it out so they end up running to the hospital double expenses so this is the leftover 'Sulphate' of the medical mission. I will give to the two home care patients Interviewer: Free? Yes, because it's only leftovers it's vitamins, iron sulphate for your red blood (i think she means like red blood cells) Interviewer: Are you always giving away? If there are leftovers at the medical mission. We give to the beneficiaries. because it is somewhat expensive if they buy this here in our community, i am the one who goes around to to those who just gave birth, then to those who had a miscarriage, we see how they are the house to house visits aren't done by others...the hospital and the center, the things they are not able to do the seeing how they are after giving birth, after a miscarriage, the post-partum care that's why we go house to house, are they OK? it's imporant because these house to house visits so you can really check if they are OK the bleeding if it's still going strong or no longer so at least if their medical access is still lacking, they can still access it so the different...their experiences, their pregnancy experiences then what are they feeling so it's like you're counseling them as well...emotional counseling as well treat them like it's family she was one month pregnant when she had a miscarriage, so she needs to recover, she need to recover her red blood so I am giving her vitamins ok, lets go there, there is one more who had a miscarriage 7 months (she was at 7 months when she had a miscarriage) This is Analene This is Analene, she was at 7 months when she had a miscarriage, here at the house the baby came out then they ran her to the hospital so.... so she still needs sulphate vitamins for the red blood to recover her third Interviewer: Do you plan to add another one? maybe in 5 years Interviewer: After 5 years? Why do want after 5 years? Because this is my second one (she points to her second child...suggesting the current one is still quite young) so for the pregnant do they get a check up at the Health Center however sometimes they miss it once because the the health center is far away from here, have to take the tricycle no fare (suggesting no money as travel fare) Interviewer: Do you believe in contraceptives? yes, I used it with after my first child that's why I was able to wait 5 years before the next one Interviewer: For you, how many children do you want? Up to three only Let's go to the area under bridge... Interviewer:Each time you go for a check up this is where you walk? Yes... Interviewer: so here under the bridge, mostly here 'massge' is the method of giving birth Under the bridge 5 to 6 to one family Interviewer: but this is included in your usual visits? Yes. This is Joy She's the leader when a pregnant calls she does, she goes around to the pregnant ones to teach them, she brings... with the number of kids they have, even if you teach them about family planing, to go to the clinic or SOTO to learn.... however due to poverty instead of just going, they would rather work or maybe selling bananas selling for their family but if our clinic is nearby....(interviewer: they can go there) when it[s high tide, the water is up to here to the knee, that's only at high tide...without the storm interviewer: so this is low tide so that's why there isn't any water interviewer: so how is it during high tide, where do you pass? do you find an alternate route? yes, I look for a different way. like there at the back where it's somewhat higher up at the back here is under the bridge, one of the beneficiaries of SOTO this is the "under the bridge" there's about 500 families here we go to the pregnant ones here and to the youth groups to teach them sometimes up there at the council (she's referring to health education classes) yes, so they won't have to pay travel fares so people's livelihood here is at the fish port that's the poverty here

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Here it is finally - about 19 minutes of great looking stuff. Can't wait to understand what they're saying.

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