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UKIP Leader Nigel Farage on FOX NEWS USA - December 2010 fighting WORLD GOVERMENT

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) Bureaucrats on both sides of the Atlantic are trying to bigfoot the voters. Over here of course it´s the public sector unions and others who want to expand government with Obamacare and even more stimulus spending. Over there it´s the bureaucrats in the EU parliament who want voters to submit to their notion of the World government but at least one of those parliamentarians has had enough and just like the town hall meetings over here he is standing up to the bureaucrats right to their faces over there - listen: You have commissioner Brent here he said they have to agree their budget first before they´d be allowed to have a general election! Just who the hell do you people think you are? You are very, very dangerous people indeed! Your obsession with creating this Euro state means that you are happy to destroy democracy you appear to be happy for millions and millions of peple to be unemployed and poor. That is Nigel Farage - a member of the European Parliament and a memberof the UK Independence Party is as you can see fired up against the bureaucrats and he joins us now from Brusseles. Wonderful to see you Nigel, thank you so much for being here. Thank you very much indeed - it´s good to be here. Why do you think that your speech about something so unfamiliar to most Americans, the way the European Parliament is ran, resonated so deeply here in the USA? Well, my guess is that you´ve recetly had the Tea Party movement here in America and there is a debate here that you have a too big government which you certainly have, that you are overtaxed which you certainly are and there is also a feeling I guess in America that there is too much power too many big decisions are taken by people whose names you don´t know based in Washington, so I guess that´s a kind of a similarity with what people are seeing from here although I suspect the situation we´ve got in Europe is far worse then the situation you have at the moment over there. But the similarities are of great interest to us the major notion is: the larger a government becomes the less individual power people have whether they are voters or just people trying to go about their business. Well, that´s absolutely right and what is happening inside the EU is that democracy within the nation state is actually being abolished Greece has gone bust the Irish have gone bust chiefly because they signed up for the Euro project for which they were never ever suited to be a part of it and now what´s happened is a problem has been created for the bureaucrats in Brussesles and it has given them the excuse to step into those countries and to turn them effectively into protectorates of the EU institutions to tell them what they can and can´t spend in their budgets and you know if you were a voter in Ireland now it does not matter if you vote for a conservative government or for a socialist one because all the big decissions have been transfered across the Irish Sea to the EU Commission in Brusseles.The reason I say this is so dangerous is that if you take away from the people their ability to be the masters of their own destiny by choosing their governments and by getting rid of their governments if that goes then all you are left with is civil disobedience or violence and that is my big fear for this EU I think we will see, unless we can get some democratic referendums, so that countries like mine and Ireland and others can sort out for themselves whether they want to be self governing democracies or a part of this new Euro state without that we are going to see growth of extremism. Well, then again the similarities are of a great interest to me the fact is that the more you have a nanny state the more you have the people in power ignoring the will of the voter we had many polls about Obamacare expressing how many Americans dissagree with this premise and the way it was put into power and yet the government voted in favour of it and a whole range of issues the governing people just ignored the will of the voters and the more that happens the less insurance we have in democracy and the more you take your views out to the street. Well we´ve just seen this recently: a European Court judgement has imposed upon the UK a new piece of legislation and it says that now we have to give criminals the vote doesn´t matter if they´re rapists or murderers or whatever they are but the European Court tells us we have to give them the vote David Cameron - our Prime Minister who stood up and said it made him sick from the bottom of his stomach that we have to accept this judgement and when I am saying to the people of Britain and what the UK Independence Party is saying is that it´s simply not good enough not good enough and we should tell the European Court to go to hell if you have commited a horrible felony then you lose your rights you go to prison you lose your vote and what the British people are screaminig out for are some politicians that will stand up to tell the truth and stand up to these monstrous institutions here in Brusseles. By the way there is one issue of which your fight is similar to a fight of many people over here who don´t want World government. There are people like George Soros and others who have this vision of World government and the USA would be a part of that as well as the EU Parliament. That is a very dangerous trend. Do you think the voters have woken up to how dangerous it is? Not quite yet, no. I think in many ways if we think what happened in Kyoto and what they´re going to try to do in Cancun next week. In many ways the argument that the global warming was going to burn us all into a crisp within the next 3 weeks has been used as a way to take away our democratic rights by binding future government to targets that were agreed by the previous ones so we have seen that we have certainly seen a supernational government here inside the EU and the President of the EU, a man called Herman van Rompuy, he is very open in saying that he sees the EU really being a sort of a testbed for global governance so whenever anyone says: Oh this is the way with the fairies, this is all fantasy stuff... No, it isn´t - these people actually believe in this stuff! Fascinating stuff and by the way one final point: is your star rising? as people sort of wake up to the dangers of bureaucracy run amuk whether it´s World government or whatever does that mean that your star is rising or in fact are the papers the intelligentsia over there trying to hush you up? No, not anymore. They´ve done it for years. Listen, my patry, the UK Independence Patry came second in 2009 across the entire UK in the European elections. And what is happening now through the growth of new media is what we´re seing in Germany in Greece and Ireland right across the Europen continent we are seeing law abiding tax paying people standing up and saying: To hell with this - we want our countries back we want our democracy back! And you know what - they´re gonna get it. Nigel Farage, great to see you. Please stay in touch. We want to have you on again. Find out more about who we are and what we stand for - go to the UK Independence website: transcription by Hugo Fogo

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Leader of the UK Independence party Nigel Farage MEP is interviewed on FOX News USA about the Irish bailout and the emerging European Federal Superstate. Conservative PM David Cameron is slammed for giving in to Europe on everything, including allowing prisoners to vote

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