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Pepsi max Jeff Gordon, Villegasleon trad

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Oh wow! nice and easy, head on now and whenever you are ready are you ready to go and i drive? -yeah- ok -sure- oh, haha, sorry It’s more than I’m used to it got some power, so just gotta feel for it Ok, alright, it's up, just look, it's up i was thinking, a look more age on me, wrinkles, a little dorky, and using facial hair Let’s have some fun. My good friend of pepsi max have hook this up with this cool can cam so these are the glasses cam that show you everything that I see how you doing? hello -I’m mike- -steve, nice to meet you mike- I saw you took a look toward the camaro, thinking of might getting one? oh no no, this is way to much car for me. it’s a lot of power, but, they’ve designed it to be very safe I don’t know if I can handle it, I’ve never driven anything like this before well, I tell you what, I think a way to really make you feel comfortable if we put you behind the wheel you’re good what are you driving now? -oh just a minivan- oh yeah- - why am i signing here?- you are not obligated - are you sure? it is just a checkout sheet for test drive, you are not obligated to anything, just to know who is out, so let's give it a drive Im getting a little nerveous I’ll be right there beside you have your keys sr thank you steve -you have to unlock it mike - Oh, Thank you - there you go - oh yeah, what a car oh we'd better buckle up power the door locks, standard of course ah, you are liable for any damages to the vehicle so please stop the car, or at least slow down - slow down, slow down, you can’t go through that gate, Mike stop stop ! stop stop stop ! oh sssshit ! watch it, watch out ! you are gonna wreck this car or your life before you if you wreck it woooo !! Mike, stop the car!, stop the fucking car right now! not uphere! Aaaaah ! oh my god ! - Aaaah! - wooo! - oh my god oh just take this back, let's take this back yeah, right over there steve? oh you are an idiot I’m gonna kill you! oh stop stop stop! oh god almighty ! Fuck! Aaaah ! Oh I’ll throw up -oh right!, oh!- wooo! who the fuck do you think you are? what do you mean? Im calling the cops no no, you don’t understand, its not what you think I'll call the cops! its just a prank, we're just having fun, this is a camera, there is cameras Look it was all just fun, look, I’m Jeff Gordon.

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Posted by: ponchovl on Mar 6, 2014

commercial of pepsi

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