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What is the significance of Jeeva Samadhi? Sadhguru

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see there are various kinds of Samadhis Samadhi means literally "Sama" means equanimous "Dhi" mean buddhi or the intellect when your intellect becomes equanimous, when it loses the discriminatory dimension and just becomes perception this is called Samadhi these Samadhis have been categorized for the sake of understanding into eight stages among these eight stages of Samadhi these also give in terms of experience different levels of ecstasy for a person and there are final stages which are not even ecstacy, which are absolute boundlessness there is no joy, there is no ecstacy, there's no nothing. Its simply a complete state of boundlessness and the ultimate Samadhi is called Mahasamadhi, which some people are calling Jeeva Samadhi where a person actually sheds his body consciously see to walk out of this body consciously, without damaging the body if you have to leave this body you'll have to stab yourself, hang yourself, poison yourself, something you must damage the body and make it unsuitable for life, isn't it? but now sitting here you just walk out of your body like you drop your clothes like that you walk out of your body if this has to happen a certain amount of mastery and a certain amount know vision and perception has to be there so many yogis in India have left like this, even today it is so even among ourselves certain people have left like this, young people they decided to leave and they left because they had certain mastery they had completed all the process of life within themselves so they decided to leave. The body was still young, they could have lived on right now among us there are many people that, if we let them progress...they will leave because they have completed everything that they have to do their life is completely fulfilled, they will leave the physical body so usually we peg them down on the last step, so that the physical body also runs its full cycle such people are useful to the world so I am always pegging them down on the final step, so that they will little bit of know let them serve the world a little bit because they have a different sense of understanding and experience, they are useful people if we let them go, they will go this also needs to be understood for most human beings their moment of enlightenment and moment of leaving the body are same once your energies hit a certain peak then this physical body cannot contain it anymore, it has to release it these are the two things you need to understand if the energies become feeble then also physical body cannot hold it, this is what old age and death is slowly as your life progresses, as old age comes your life energies are becoming feeble, the vibrance of the energy is becoming feeble if this drops below a certain level that person will leave the body because physical body if it has to hold it it needs a certain level of vibrance otherwise it cannot hold it so if it drops because of feebleness we say he died out of old age very few people are dying out of old age, they're breaking something in their body before old age comes...yes? you die of heart attack, you die of this or that this means you broke something in your body when people die of old age, they die in a certain way its slowly ebbing down because the vibrance is gone in life, this is old age and death another way is you pushed your energies beyond a certain intensity beyond that also the body cannot physically hold it so it leaves so when people consciously raise the pitch of their energies and leave the body we call it Jeeva Samadhi or Mahasamadhi, its conscious he fixes a time and date and at that particular moment, he works towards it and he leaves it's the best way to leave the body if one can do their death also consciously and gracefully, is it not wonderful? isn't it the best way to do it? that's the best way to do it. what time he chooses is up to him people who do not have this understanding or experience suppose I decide to leave at sixty people will think, Oh why this is suicide this is murder, this is nonsense it is not so you will never be satisfied there was somebody there was a yogi in South India whom I knew right from very early age, I met him in a strange way his name was Nirmala Nanda he lived in certain mountains in South India I used to trek in these mountains a lot so one of these I'm alone usually when I trekked I just take my motorcycle inside, park in the forest I just live in the forest for a week or ten days, depending upon how much food I have after I run out of food I come back so, this is rainy season and I've just been in the forest for about five days and I've run out of food and I'm all slush because I slept in the forest and it's been raining, Indian monsoons are like they'll continuously pour for five days, six days nonstop rain so wherever you sit or stand it's black mud so I am fully drenched in this and I came in my motorcycle, this is a little ashram, just a four acre ashram he's got so I came, he's got many steps, he's got a little temple and a small place at that time I don't get off my motorcycle, I ride up the staircases so I just ride up and go right there, your not suppose where your shoes there and go but I ride right through and park it next to his thing and I go and stand there I want food I'm hungry, for twenty four hours I've not eaten so this is so over... at that time he's over sixty sixty or sixty over he is hugely respected by everybody, he lives alone, he has been in silence for fourteen years he has not spoken to anybody he just saw me and he came and touched my feet all my mucky shoes and everything I am somebody who is in you know right from the age of five I've not even entered a temple in my life I refused to bow down to any god or any human being or whatever, I won't unless they explain what is what I'm not willing to bow down to anything, I've not even bowed down in front of any temple or God, I've never prayed in my life I just live the way I want so here this man was considered to be a great sage you know I'm just at that time eighteen, nineteen years of age and this old man comes and touches my feet sort of little disturbed me but I'm not the kind to get disturbed. I brushed it aside and said I need food because there's no other place there, you know I'd have to ride another two hours before I get anything to eat because this place is so isolated so he took me inside and he you know...himself tried to unlace my shoes, I said don't want I left my shoes outside and he used to bake his own bread, gave me bread all this so after that I started visiting him not for spiritual reasons, just like that whenever I go, I just meet him he was living so meagrely, so I would take something and give it to him whenever I went, I took something,some fruits or honey or whatever is available there so this relationship was off and on, whenever I trek in the mountains I see him now much much later, then I lost.. I didn't go there then things happened to me in a big way, within myself and everything changed and almost after seventeen, eighteen may be almost twenty years later I go one day now, my appearance has changed, everything about me has changed almost twenty years later so I went and he didn't recognize me initially then I asked him do you recognize who I am? he looked at me like this, and he was still not speaking he was still on silence, he said, "vroom vroom" oh your the motorcycle guy he's telling I said yes and then you know, he really was very happy, I went, many things happened a few years I kept in touch with him after this then at the age of seventy four or... seventy...seventy four he decided to leave his body so he said I want to leave my body like this I want to die as a yogi not as a rogi that means I want to die as a yogi, not as a sick man I don't want to get sick and die I want to die with dignity I said, fine what's the problem, you leave he he's more an intellectually realized person, not energy wise there's no sadhana so then he sat with me, he wept and he said you must tell me how to leave I'm stuggling with this he also built his own grave and everything, got everything ready but he was having struggles as to how to leave then, I had to teach him some simple methods what he needs to do to leave the body, how he needs to prepare, and all those things then he decided to leave and he announced to all his people he never left this four acre ashram for almost twenty seven, twenty eight years he just stayed within that but he wrote letters to people worldwide people from all over the world visited him every day he wrote over one hundred and twenty to one hundred and thirty letters he just wrote letters to people everywhere in the world so based on that, people used to come so he announced to all his people that he's going to leave when this started happening the local rationalist association, in India these rationalist associations are there they are virulent they believe, they are revolutionaries so they said, this man, this old man is going to commit suicide, we must stop it then I went to meet him and there were two policemen in the ashram so I went there, he broke down and cried, see they put police in my ashram he is that kind of man to do his daily worship he won't even pluck the flowers from the trees it has to fall down only then he'll pick it up, he will never pluck a flower or a fruit from the tree only after it falls down he will eat it, only after it falls down he takes the flowers he lived so gently and now they put two police people there just to see that he doesn't commit suicide so it really hurt him, he said, see they put police in the ashram, they think I'm going to commit suicide and I said don't bother, you do what you have to do let them be, it'll be a good it'll be a good thing, under observation if you leave your body and I spent a last things and little bit he spent sometime with me because I guided him through a few things and the last letter out of the thousands and thousands of letters he wrote he wrote one letter to me saying, this is the final letter I'm writing in my life and this is to you and something, thanking me for this and that and about fifty people were sitting he sat in a cross legged posture in front of the police, he left his body so this is conscious way of leaving the body this is the best way to do it if you do this that is really the end, normally when people die you say they are no more but that's not true they are no more the way you know them, that's all if you leave your body like this consciously, you are truly no more, the game is up its a full cycle everything is back where it should be

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru the significance of Jeeva Samadhi. Sadhguru explains the various aspects of samadhi in detail. (AO76)

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