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Ekev, as I mentioned, is the heel. And we know the word 'heel' can mean 'part of the foot'; that 'Achilles heel', which will indicate something that could be out or off, and 'not correct' maybe So why and how does this word influence this entire section? By transferring its particular energy. What is even further surprising is that this word, this three-letter word: ayin, kuf and bet The "Ayin Bet", seventy two, that should be familiar, 72 powerful names - the names I think you observed right behind me - and, of course, the 'Kuf'; That letter which covers and provides the nourishment that the negative side, the side of Satan those evil forces that almost coerces into doing the things that we know are, in reality, wrong and we know because there is this force, a very real force that almost sometimes exercise a certain control over our minds, that we find ourselves sometimes even hopeless - and helpless - in trying to avoid the pitfalls of negative consciouness. You have this remarkable three-letter word which in essence and that's what the whole section is about is this combination of the 72 names which permits access into the realm known as the Tree of Life and then goes down to the depth of where, we might say, Satan lives where he has his dominion. So we has this two opposite realities combining into this one word, known as 'Ekev' If we just scan the history of human kind as fas back as we can and as far back as recordings will permit us, we will notice that there is no land in this entire planet that can, unfortunatelly, post of as much bloodshed that has been shed in this little area known as Israel. The land that can produce the ultimate freedom the ultimate peace on Earth and good will towards our fellow man. This is what we are hoping to access into. For it is with our consciousness, for it is with our thoughts, that we either make or break this planet.

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