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The Mother River

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Grandfather Vanemuine (our God) had created the world with the glittering stars and the shining sun in the blue sky. Plants were growing on the earth and animals were enjoying their lives. I have created all of you to be happy and enjoy your lives. However, I feel and see that you still need to have a king to behave yourselves and have a friendly and peaceful life. To meet him you have to dig him such a deep and wide river that all little creatures can find their place there and bigger ones can walk on its banks! Its name must be the Emajõgi (the Mother River). I can see that you are all here. Everyone knows its strength and now quickly, hurry to work! Animals started to dig the riverbed. Everybody was working hard. The fox was marking the direction of flowing water with its tail. The mole was eagerly digging. When the riverbed was ready, Vanemuine came to see the work. He was satisfied with everything. The mole and the bear, you have problably made the best work because you are totally muddy. Okay, let these muddy coats will be your robes of honour. The wolf was scraping with its paws. You, wolf, have worked well with your muzzle and legs, let your dirty muzzle and legs stay with you too. But where is the crayfish? Usually he is busy and eager with lots of his hands. Is he sleeping? Old Man, where are your eyes, that you did not see me?! They must be on the back of your head. You smartass, from now on your eyes have to be on the back of your own head. Golden oriole, don`t you have anything else to do, than to show off. Old man, all this job is too dirty, isn`t it? I can`t damage my golden jacket or silver trousers - can`t you really understand? From now on you must have dirty trousers and for punishment you shouldn`t be able to drink the river water! In case you are thirsty, you can only drink drops of rain from the leaves and so it will be forever! Now the riverbed was ready. Grandfather poured water into it from his golden bowl, Vanemuine vitalized it with his breath and assigned its running direction. The water started to flow in the riverbed dug by the animals. This was the birth of the Emajõgi and this is what happened during the digging.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 35 seconds
Country: Estonia
Language: English
Producer: Hille Arumäe
Director: Hille Arumäe
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Posted by: hillea on Apr 6, 2014

The birth of the river the Emajõgi (The Mother River)
Estonian folk tale

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