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I come back AfterLife/Death: Guhat 1, Missing Child i was a War Slave

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Desteni Presents: Vlogs from AfterLife/Death - Guhat 1, of 2 My name is Guhat. I am here to, share, my experience as a child 'war slave'. From when I was five years old, to seven years old. and, how, when I was seven years old, I was killed by, One of my officer because I did not, obey a, direct order immediately. So it all started when, I was five years old and, I was outside my 'home' early in the morning, playing in the sand with water. This happened in, Bosnia. and I was playing outside and, I remember it was, very hot and no one else was at home because, they were all, 'working'. and as I was playing, I heard, a 'big car', coming. a very big car. and, I looked up, and it was, one of those 'big' army cars, army trucks. and there were, four men inside 'with guns'. and, I heard, children crying, inside. Two men 'jumped out'. and they had, their, army pants and these black shirts, and the army 'boots' and, they had 'their guns'. Big ones! They had black sun glasses. and I remember, their teeth, that was yellow and dirty, and they had scars on their arms on their faces, they had the red 'bands' over their heads. and two of the men, came running after me, and that I tried to run away. But, I was five years old. and, they were growing up, men and, so they caught me and they threw me in the back of the truck. and there were, a few other children there also, crying. and, they said to me that they were also 'kidnapped' they were taken from their families, from all over. and I asked where are we going? they said they didn't know. and they were all, five, six years old. Seven, there was one that was nine. and, we drove, very far I didn't cry, I cried a bit, I, was very afraid. Because, I did not know if 'I will ever see', my parents again. But, I knew I had to be strong, for me. (sigh) and not, let me, cry and (sigh) then we came to this place where, we were throwing out of the truck onto muddy dirty ground, and there were trees, all over, and there were tents, with these, metal beds inside them. and there were other children, that we saw, that had guns. and that had also the red band, that had scars on their arms and, their faces. and their eyes were big! like that. Crazy. they looked, crzay. just like (staring) crazy. with these guns, pointed at us. and, some of the children became afraid, because there were, some gun shootings, and fires, and men there were dancing were, drunk. Shooting up in the air, and one of the girls that was, also captured started crying. and, the one man shot her, because she cried. and, I still had tears rolling down my eyes, but, I didn't cry, they just roll down. and I remember I stood up, like that, and I just looked forward. and, we looked 'really terrible and horrible'. Because we were hungry, we were cold, and, dirty and 'feeling very weak' and then they took us to the 'tents' to the metal beds. and they put, these 'ointment' something on our, under our noses, the in our mouths, under here (tongue base) and, up there (palate), up there. in our genital areas, in our bum, part of the ears and, by the eyes. and, what happened then is that, everything 'stand still' inside of you. You feel you have a body, but you 'stopped', inside you, and it's like you're 'completely empty' inside of you and, the moment someone speaks 'the word', the word is "put inside you" and that's the only word that is there So, when everything 'stopped inside me' and I felt, 'empty'. Inside of me, like something can be 'put inside me'. The one man came and sat on top of me, and looked me in the eyes and he started speaking these words. Now, I can't remember them exactly. But they put words inside, my head, that they speak or show, and then it is 'one word', and then, a meaning of a word. and they speak it and speak it and speak it, and then I can really feel the words, and the meaning of the words coming inside of me and is literally, I can even 'see it', being stuck inside my head, and then, I doze off. and when I woke up again, they for instance speak one word, and then we do an particular action of, what that word 'means'. For instance, they once spoke a word, and What I did was, I shot another child, this when I was six years old. That, that I shot another child! just when they spoke one word. A few words as, different actions which you do automatically because that's how they put these stuff inside of you. So I shot another (sigh) child, and then when I was seven, that's when I was, one day they put too much stuff for me, inside here (nose face) they do it everyday. and I couldn't stand up, and they asked me to fetch water, and I couldn't So, the officer got angry and he, slit my, throat. I will carry on in the, next interview. thank you. More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Sep 29, 2009


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