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NaVi in Stockholm

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Zeus:"Let's enjoy Sweden" Edward:I'd like to own an apartment in that building" Zeus:It suits you perfectly Edward:That one up there Seized:There's probably a huge penthouse on top of that building Zeus:I remember those streets Zeus:Remember that museum over there guys? Zeus:Where the old ship is Edward:The ship is a bit further Edward:It's an old viking ship inside that building Zeus:Look at that party over there Seized:They like to party all night here in Sweden Zeus:Swedes are rich Zeus:We once were in a night club Zeus:We ordered whiskey, so a bottle of JD cost us like 200$ Zeus:To get drunk in Sweden you need like 2k$ in your pocket Edward:I remember when we stayed the night at that girls house.. Zeus:Man the air here is so clean Zeus:You can drink tap water here Zeus:I will gift swedish tap water to my girlfriend Seized:Flamie promised me do drink a liter of vodka for 300$ Edward:He thinks that his weight will save him from being drunk Zeus:I know what will happen Zeus:Look at that party, we should go dance after FragBite Zeus:Man this place is beautiful Zeus:We need to go to Luna Park Edward:I remember that huge stick Edward:Oh it's awesome Seized:What stick? Edward:It launches you like 90m up and drops down Edward:There's another cool ride Edward:It's basically a roller coaster, but it inverts your cabin in different directions "Edward is excited" Zeus:Nice illustration Seized:I remember when we were in the U.S, and rode all those roller coasters in windy weather:D Seized:You were screaming so hard Edward:You were drunk too, Zeus Zeus:Where was that? Seized:In Dallas "Zeus has no idea" Zeus:Big roller coasters or small? Edward:Weak ones Edward:New Jersey has the biggest roller coasters Seized:I'd go to Luna Park "Talking about New Jersey roller coasters and how awesome they are" "Russian banter" Seized:When I was kid, I wanted to ride that coster that I never did, it was super scary Zeus:Where was that? Seized:Let me remember Seized:I don't really remember Zeus:Vegas has cool theme parks as far as I know Zeus:Too bad we're not in Vegas Zeus:Denis, have you heard about that Gaming Paradise event? Zeus:Everyone will party so hard there Seized:My birthday party will be unreal Zeus:There's a chance you don't come back home from Gaming Paradise Edward:It's awesome there

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Jun 6, 2015

NaVi in Stockholm

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