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Phase 3 pt.11 (Computerized Humanity)

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Dajjal already completed his first stage a day like a year Dajjal has already completed his first stage a day like a year when Britain was the ruling state in the world, And then Dajjal moved to a day which is like a month and the united states replaced Britain as a ruling state in the world. and now the united states is about to relinquish power and Israel is about to replace the united states in the world. Now in September the 11th, the attack is now on the United States to bring down the United States as the ruling state in the world. But in the process of bringing it down, the United States has some very important work to do for Israel. I can identify tonight There are many more but there is no need to do more than simply two. In order for Israel to succeed the United States as the ruling state in the world, not only must the US economy collapse and the US dollar collapse and when the US dollar collapses it brings down the whole world of paper money with it. If you don't believe me, just wait, just wait ! It's as if the doctor is finally confirming that nagging pain you've been feeling, except in this case, it's not the physical pain but an economic one. Today, the National Bureau of Economic Research officially handed down this financial diagnosis: the US is in a recession. As the push for the movement to the new monetary system is in foot, what used to be an office conspiracy theory can now be found in schools, clubs, corporate stuff, military institutions and even every day advertisements. Excuse me sir, you forgot your receipt. Checkout lines, who needs them ?! This is the future of e-business. Have a nice day. In 1929, faced a recession In 1929, our world faced a recession much like the one we are in today. Drastic measures were implemented, will it be different this time ? RFID a Radio Frequency Identification chips are tiny transmitters that can be attached to almost any product and scanned at a distance. Essentially, the 21st century barcodes. When triggered, they transmit a unique code which can be received up to 10 meters away. They are being used in stores like Wal-Mart as a way to track products around the world. RFID allows a company to know when a product is in the warehouse and when it is bought by a customer and taken home. In theory, they can even track the object after you've bought it. An American company called VeriChip is taken the same RFID technology and is implanting the ship in humans. Technology that was brought in to track you to (??) can now be used to track and identify humans ! And that is about to include me. So just tell me about this microchip John and inject it to my arm. Yes, it basically is a first and only FTA approved microchip to implant in humans. It uses a RFID -Radio Frequency Identification- Technology but the real purpose of this is that it is a link to your personnel and medical information on a secure website. So in a case of an emergency, if you are confused, comatose or otherwise unable to communicate and presented to an emergency room, they would be able to scan you and pick up a unique 16 digit number which is the only thing that is on this microchip and be able through that to access your medical record. What's the red bit ? The red is actually the antenna and if you look right back here there is a very small microchip and that actually has 16 digit number. If you ever decide to have it removed, it can be removed. It is a simple procedure to remove it. It is like my barcode. Yeah exactly ! So if you are ready, I am ready. Does this hurt ? It should not hurt at all. OK, just relax. We are all done. I am just gonna now just double check and make sure it is working before I let you out of here. And you heard the beep. It is the same number. And it is the same number that we have in here. Yes. So that's me. That's you now. VeriChip has huge ambitions for there product which was originally designed to tie pets. The CEO of VeriChip recently promoted the idea that all might get workers with chip and it is also being suggested that entire the US military receive implants. VeriChips have already being implanted in several patients with degenerous brain conditions such as out silence so they can be identified in a medical emergency. But the VeriChip is old technology, the new generation of RFID chips will do much more than just transmit a code. Many states in America are considering putting it in the main driving license. They will be able to transmit all your personal details when they come within range of an RFID reader. The scheme is aimed to make the license harder to forge and more convenient to the Police. Such technology will not be forced upon the people, The people will line up voluntary to receive them just as we did with vaccines, just as we did with vaccines, GPS, just as we did with vaccines, GPS, facebook. The new money is going to be invisible money: you can't see it. It is going to be intangible money you can't touch it. It's no longer possible for you to conceal how much money you have. Your enemy will know exactly how much money you have, even if you have it underneath the pillow. Your enemy will not only know how much money you have, your enemy will know how you're spending your money. This beast, this Antichrist he rules over a colossus, that is a world commercial system, a free trade system. That great city mystery Babylon. There is the code word in the Bible: that great city which encompasses the whole world with its banking and corporate and commercial status.

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Chapter 3 will delve into solutions and concepts that will inspire us to effectively improve ourselves and our world inshallah.Phase 3 is intended to be a film of reflection rather than only information. It is meant to involve the viewer and to expect a level pro-activeness within us all, inshallah

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