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Hello online instructors, it's me, Nancy Barclay, with another idea on how you can use some video clips with your online class. So if you have had a little bit of time to play with your own recording, upload a video into YouTube then you are ready for this step. You might think about an assignment that you would use for discussion or an announcement that you want to use your voice instead of written text to use as the prompts. So I would start out in this little lesson, and I'm going to encourage you to maybe use some visuals that would have to do with your class, the subject you are teaching, if you have any artifacts, any pictures, instruments get them in there as well. And you might even talk to your class as if you were this deity and ask them to please post in discussion where they are from, what features you see in this deity what history we know about it, etc. So you can get a little bit of visual there, make it interesting to spark their interest and then ask them to go ahead and do their posting based on what you just asked them. And if you want to take it a step further you could also get some sound in there sound clips, and I am going to start with this instrument for example, we read about instruments this week. so can you perhaps listen to this and identify the instrument? Let's listen. (Sound of rain stick plays) And if you said it's a "palo de lluvia," good job, you're right! Now, can you name three other instruments we studied this week and list the characteristics of each one? So that's another idea you might use. So get some visuals in there, get some sound in there, get your voice in class. And, I used to worry about doing this really professionally and I know that my video clips are very amateurish, and that's okay. I think it's more important just to be in class, post myself, and give a little variety for all those different learning styles out there as well. Okay, enjoy! Hope you have fun with your video.

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Year: 2011
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Posted by: nancybarclay on May 24, 2011

Discussion ideas for use with video clips

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