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Peppa Pig- Hospital

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It is play time at school.

Peppa and her friends are running around having fun.

Oh, that hurts.

Are you all right, Peppa?

I've hurt my knee.

Madam Gazelle, Peppa has fallen over. You just grazed your knee, Peppa.

First, Madame Gazelle cleans Peppa's knee. Then she puts a plaster on it. Does that feel any better? Yes. Thank you. Now, children, you may have noticed that Pedro Pony isn't here today. Is he late again? No, Susie. Pedro is in hospital. And today, we are going to visit him. This is the hospital. Peppa and her friends have come to visit Pedro Pony. Remember, children, stay close to me. I don't want you getting lost. Yes, Madame Gazelle. Excuse me, Mr.Bull, which way is the children's ward? Down the steps, double doors, right, left,right along the corridor, Up the stairs, third on your left. Or you could just take the lift. Children's ward! Pedro will be asleep. Sick people do a lot of sleeping. Hello, everyone! Hello, Pedro. Why aren't you asleep? You don't look sick. I broke my leg and they put it in this plaster cast. The plaster cast helps Pedro's leg get better. I grazed my knee and I got a plaster too. Do you want to draw on my plaster cast? Yes, please. The children are all doing drawings on Pedro's plaster cast. I am drawing a football. I've drawn some flowers. Mr. Potato. A parrot. And I've drawn a muddy puddle. Wow, thanks everyone. You can draw on my plaster, too. OK, I'll draw a little flower. Thank you, Pedro. Pedro, what's it like being in hospital? It is great! What are the nurses like? They give me stickers and they come whenever I press this button. Who's that? I wonder? Could it be Pedro? What do you want, Pedro? We are very busy. I've got a bit of itch. Even if your leg is itching. We can't take the cast off until your leg is better. It is not my leg that is itching. It's my ear. Is that better? Yes, thank you. Lunch time! What would you like to eat today, Pedro? Can I have spaghetti and sponge pudding, please? You get your dinner in bed? Yes! That looks tasty Doctor Brown Bear has come to see how Pedro is doing. How are we, today, Pedro? My ear is a bit itchy, just here. I'd say you are almost better. Visiting time is over. Bye, Pedro! Bye, everyone! Get well soon, Pedro! Yes, Madame Gazelle. It is another school day. Peppa and her friends are playing in the playground. Madame Gazelle, my plaster has fallen off. Can I have another one? You don't need a plaster, Peppa. Your knee is better. Oh, yes. Hello, everyone. Pedro Pony is back. Oh, hello, Pedro. Where is your plaster cast? They took it off because my leg is better. Is your leg stronger now? It's stronger than it was before. It's a super leg. Can you run on it? Watch this! Pedro likes running around having fun. Everybody likes running around having fun.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 44 seconds
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Genre: Animated
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Posted by: totleigh on Dec 2, 2012

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