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- Go ahead. - I'm just confused with them all. There's the one earlier from the day, that's got a honk, that lets the bass do its thing. And then there's the one in the middle, that seems to be a little more scoop sounding, then there's the last one we did... Out of all of them, the one we first started with sounds the most aggressive to me. I don't know if it's just a volume thing in the mix. That sound's working pretty good with Rob's bass sound. Let's sit and go back and forth between those two, maybe at little lower volume. I'm just afraid it's not as agressive as what we started with. But it's a different kind, I guess, when you got more low, crunchy... which I love, I love playing with, but it sounds softer for some reason. So play either one, you'll be the only guy who knows. I think he'll be able to tell. Flip it. I like the first one better. To me the first one sounds more aggressive. - Was that the earliest one? - Yes. It's got some... OK. I'll go with that. - What's your thought? - Yeah, I agree. It opens up the verse, gives space for the vocals and when it does go to the heavier stuff, then the... It gives Rob some room to... There's something cutting in that other one. It's still OK. It fits with the bass really good. - It's only going to get better. - It's only going to get better. And that's not bad, where we're at. We get it. We are four individual guys that want our sound, Lars included, and wants to be the guy hearing it up front. But as a band we want to sound as loud and as solid as possible.

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Posted by: brynarth on Jul 21, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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