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C9L2: Super-Consciousness

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I always liken that to how we used to talk about the eagle. The eagle keeps its head above it all and the wings are out there flying he is making these little motions maybe he see's a field mouse. He is not going to turn his head and give himself away he is just going to glance at it out of his periphery and then makes the appropriate moves in his body to zero in on that prey. This leads us into this idea of super consciousness. Super consciousness means you don't have to hide from the truth, if you are in a match and your coach tells you to relax. You know or fight for every point and don't think about what we have been working on, its very hard not to think #1. A lot of poor quality thought will come into your head if you don't have something good to think about. We like to talk about super consciousness meaning ok you are a human being you are going to think out there lets make it some high quality thought. Thats the whole idea give yourself some thing more to consume your mind with like 45 degree angle or feeling continuous throughout the swing, super slowness, right effortlessness. These are high quality thoughts were if you face the truth these fundamentals they will serve you in the long run and in the short run. They will serve you and you don't have to ignore the truth or hide from the truth. I want to comment on this idea of super consciousness because I know I am just glancing over the thought of being focused on our fundamentals but its more than that you also have to be super conscious of feeling that grab and release, that catch and release. If you are obsessed with the 45 you could get linear I am sure many of you found that in the first and second months. You would be so focused on the figure 8 or the 45 that everything went to pot because you weren't letting yourself be out there. You were just too intense. Super consciousness goes beyond just intellectualizing. I think one way you can look at it is you are leaning how to be subjective and objective at the same time meaning you have to apply your craft and skill. You have to experience and feel what is going on and you have to act appropriately and how you actually integrate all these area's. You have to find ways that the body learns to act from a wise point of view. It feels instinctively how to live into this larger conception of moving and its important to learn how to adjust how you feel internally to what is happening out in your environment. So you have to translate how you feel how you are able to act and move. Act in a way where you sort of see objectively what is going on and are able to be objective in processing the timing, the rhythm, and the way you have to move, the speed you have to play at. The style you are going to incorporate. Being subjective and objective at the same time is something I don't think many people consider because you really are just walking on the court you are usually fearful of what you are trying to learn or do. Then you try to will yourself into action and then usually you are not thinking that well about what you are doing. You are not able to perceive what you are doing that well either. Really the activity to do out here is where you allow all these aspects to start to live together. Then you learn to coordinate these and by working with someone where you both describe what is happening in your own experience. It allows you to feel this deeper sense of community and whats going on and how it can deepen you as an individual. You are able to be more personal in some ways but more universal in others and that is what can make a champion. Is this ability to widen his scope to just become an ego maniac like so many kids. They usually fall from grace when they become an adult or 17, 18, 19 the real talented ones can rise above but the others fall very easily. Well its about living into some thing bigger than yourselves that is basically what we are saying here. I mean you get to live into this whole world. This world of non linear motion that you know is bigger than yourself. It gives you something to be faithful and you really do need someone with a like mind. I have been very fortunate and I think Paul would say the same the last fifteen years we have gotten to do our sword fighting drills with one another.

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Let the others play "unconsciously" to be in the zone seldomly. We do it "super-consciously" to be in the zone every day.

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